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Erik Petrov1


29 September 2022

5 Technology Trends Reshaping the Women’s Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and continues to grow every single day. It is estimated to generate over a trillion dollars a year. Because of the rapid rate at which the industry is growing, it is forced to keep up with all of the technological changes and advancements that crop up. However, these technological advancements are only helping the industry grow. 



Certain technology trends are reshaping the fashion industry and the women's fashion industry in particular. As technological trends are adopted by the industry, consumers get to experience fashion in a whole new light. 


Let’s take a look at 5 technology trends that are reshaping the women’s fashion industry: 


Artificial Intelligence


The use of artificial intelligence in company branding, advertisements, and online shopping has all seen an upward rise in recent years. Nowadays, you can visit any online retailer's website and browse clothes and accessories you like. Then, artificial intelligence can enhance your shopping experience by showing you similar things you may like. There is also the introduction of chatbots that can help answer your questions or provide you with more information about any clothing items you may need. 


Mobile Shopping


Mobile shopping seems like the natural and inevitable extension of online shopping on a computer. Being able to browse and shop fashion on your mobile phone makes the fashion industry infinitely more accessible to millions of people around the world. It is also easier to shop on the go and during downtime when you can do it on your phone. Not to mention, features such as facial recognition and fingerprint identification make the process of online shopping safer and more reliable. 


Virtual Reality


Virtual reality – or augmented reality – can be useful for many more reasons than playing video games or learning a new skill. One such use is improving customers' shopping experiences. One of the biggest downsides of online or mobile shopping for most customers is the fact that they cannot try on clothes and accessories before buying them, which often means that they either don't end up buying something or buy it but then end up disliking the fit of the item. Well, the fashion industry has now started to combine virtual reality with the shopping experience so that customers can use virtual reality technology to try on different clothes virtually. Not only can this help customers get an accurate idea of what certain clothes will look like on them, but it can also help them curate different looks and explore their tastes. 


Novel Fabrics


With technological advancements, one of the major benefits to the fashion industry is the introduction of novel fabrics. Novel fabrics are fabrics that are scientifically and ethically engineered in order to replace fabrics that end up producing excessive waste or lead to environmental damage. An example would be lab-grown leather or spider silk that is sustainably produced and stronger than regular silk. As novel fabrics continue to be developed, we can expect to see a rise in their use in mainstream fashion. 


3D Printing


And finally, on our list of technology trends reshaping the fashion industry, we have 3D printing. Although 3D printing has been around for quite a few years now, it has only recently become very common and easily accessible, whereas previously, it was a practice restricted to fields such as medicine. Now, within the fashion industry, it is quite amazing to see how 3D printing is used to keep up with rising global demand. 3D printing has been used to make all kinds of garments and accessories, from jewelry to women's sportswear. 


As the fashion industry begins to grow alongside technological advancements, it is exciting to imagine what other changes we might see in the near future. With technology already changing the way we shop and interact with the fashion industry as a whole, there is still a lot to be seen. It is also exciting to see the ways in which certain technology trends will help make the fashion industry more ethical and sustainable. 

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