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25 January 2023

A Shift in the Global Dental Imaging Systems Market

Dentistry is a thriving field in the healthcare industry. Dentists used to focus on professional cleaning and treating any dental issue. However, dentistry is advancing every passing year. Cosmetic dentistry is taking over the world by storm, and most people visit the dentist very often to get whiter, brighter, and perfectly aligned teeth. Dental imaging is a popular technique to get dental images of your teeth to examine alignment and evaluate oral health.


Dental imaging allows dentists to diagnose dental issues like cavities and malignant. It is a radiographic method, an imaging technique, and a diagnostic procedure involving wireless or wired hard sensors or phosphoric plate sensors to get an image. The dentist uses the images to decide a course of treatment.


Cephalometric, Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), intra-oral, and panoramic are the image sensors used in radiography. Dental cone beam computerized tomography is an advanced alternative to regular dental X-rays. Dentists use this technique to create a three-dimensional image of the oral and maxillofacial region and the ears, nose, and throat.


One of the major driving forces of the global dental imaging systems market is the advancement of new technologies in the industry and the increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, an increase in the growing older population is also promoting the global dental imaging systems market increase. Some of the most common digital dental imaging methods include intra-oral, extra-oral photography, intra-oral radiography, cephalometric, panoramic, and surgical microscopy.


Another leading factor driving the global dental imaging systems market is the growing dental diseases. These diseases include decaying teeth and periodontal and dental caries.


It is a primary dental concern affecting children and older people. Moreover, technological advancement in dental imaging is fueling the growth of the global dental imaging systems market. Technologies like intraoral and extra-oral X-rays are penetrating the market, creating a high demand in the global dental imaging systems market.


However, factors like the high cost of dental imaging are a challenge in the global dental imaging systems market. The cost of initial setup and devices hinders the growth of the market. Moreover, older dentists avoid using hi-tech instruments without proper scientific research, and they take longer to adapt to such advanced technologies, thereby hindering market growth.


The global dental imaging systems market is segmented based on types, consumers, and applications. The types of dental imaging include digital sensors, intraoral x-rays, extraoral X-rays, and Hybrid X-ray systems.


North America is leading in the global dental imaging systems market due to the use of highly advanced technologies, increased dental diseases, and increased healthcare expenses. Additionally, the dental imaging market is placing a greater emphasis on cosmetic dentistry.


Asia-Pacific region comes next in the leading region of the global dental imaging systems market. The factors include an increase in the dental tourism market, lenient regulations, a rise in discretionary expenses, and top market participants’ growing interest in developing Asian markets.


The leading global dental imaging systems market players include Danaher, Flow Dental, Carestream Health, Inc., Dentsply International Inc., Yoshida Dental Mfg. Co., Ltd., Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., Midmark Corporation, and Vatech Co., Ltd.


Douglas Insights is the first comparison engine for market research. They aim to boost your company’s effectiveness by providing informative market research on industries and markets. They use advanced comparison engines to compare pricing, publishing date, and publisher review data.


The Douglas Insights report on the global dental imaging systems market is perfectly curated. The report is a comprehensive overview of the dental imaging systems market, segmented based on technological advancement, technique, consumer, and region.


The report will help you understand each market and its segment in detail. Based on the technological segment, the market is divided into Dental X-ray systems, Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) systems, and intraoral cameras. On the other hand, the marketed-centred method is divided into Intraoral Imaging Systems and Extraoral Imaging Systems. 


The market based on the consumer is divided into Dental Hospitals and Clinics, Dental Colleges and Research Establishments, and other end users like Dental Radiographic Centers and Forensic Laboratories. At the same time, the regions are divided into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the rest of the world.


The report also provides a comprehensive market breakdown based on application, including diagnosis, caries detection, facial and dentoalveolar fractures, orthodontics, oral cancers, procedures and surgeries, implantology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic applications, smile correction, and forensic odontology.


The report will help recognize the political, technological, social, and economic influences on the global dental imaging systems market. Moreover, market drivers and the impact of world dynamic is also provided.


Furthermore, the report includes market size predictions with historic market revenue data, using 2019 as the base year and 2027 for projections. Here, market estimates and projected statistics are also provided for each segment.  


Additionally, the report helps highlight the potential and future market for dental imaging systems and thoroughly examines the manufacturer’s offerings, cutting-edge technologies, and the supplier market. The report also mentions the driving force and restraints in the dental imaging systems market, with an emphasis on the impacts of COVID-19.  


The report will help you give an idea of the estimated dental imaging systems market size and forecasts for the market. Additionally, the report provides relevant market share evaluation by technology, approach, consumer, and region.


Other than that, a complete insight with relevant facts and figures is presently based on technological advancements, legal aspects, market dynamics, and other factors that affect the dental imaging systems market.


This report will help provide comprehensive company profiles that meet the need for dental imaging systems, thanks to their advanced technology and strategic collaborations. These leading dental imaging systems market companies include Align Technology Inc., Planmeca Oy, Ray Co. Ltd., Dentsply Sirona, Acteon Group, and Envista Holdings Corp.


The Douglas Insights report for the global dental imaging systems market is a profitable addition to your business. It will help you make the right decisions and understand dental imaging systems’ market dynamics. For more details about the market, click here.

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