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Erik Petrov1


30 January 2023

Awareness and Adaptability Are Driving the Global Technical Textiles Market

Technical textiles are performance-based textiles that have higher qualities than conventional textiles in one or more ways. They are created using both synthetic and natural fibres.


Synthetic fibres are typically created using a variety of natural fibres and applying a combination of chemical processes to them. These processes allow the fibres to gain new properties that can enhance the performance of any textiles developed with them.


These new properties allow technical textiles to have higher strength, durability, breathability, stretch/ flexibility, versatility, hygiene, safety, or water resistance. As such, they can be used in various applications other than apparel use.


For example, high-quality stronger textiles are widely used for automotive applications, whereas others with functionalities like greater hygiene or safety have plenty of medical applications.


These days, increasing awareness about the properties, applications, and functionality of technical textiles is increasing demand and consumption globally. This awareness and subsequent demand are key driving factors for the global technical textiles market.


Similarly, the rising adaptability of utility and functionality is encouraging conventional manufacturing to improve innovation and upgrade natural fibres through technical textile development.


This shift in the industry is caused by higher demand for textile products that provide greater strength and flexibility and provides greater functionalities like durability, personal safety, or lower weight.


Together, increased awareness and adaptability are the two main factors driving the growth of the global technical textiles market in the coming years.


They are supplemented by rapid technological advancement in the textile industry, which is helping drive growth in nearly every product segment, especially technical textiles. Spinning, weaving and knitting are key areas where new technologies are helping improve the production of technical textiles.


New technologies like thermo-forming, melt spinning, and three-dimensional weaving and knitting wet spinning, are making it possible to produce enhanced fibres with high-performance properties for the production of technical textiles.


It is in developing and producing such cutting-edge fibres and technical textiles that key market players find the best growth opportunities in the coming years.


Of course, this production and the growth of the global technical textiles market are not without their restraints and challenges.


The biggest restraint to this market in the coming years is the high cost of finished products that impact pricing. Researching and development of enhanced fibres are costly but not nearly as expensive as manufacturing technical textiles.


Manufacturing involves complex procedures, limited margins of error, and advanced infrastructure, all of which are expensive for market players. There is also the high cost of procuring the raw materials for manufacturing fibres and technical textiles.


Ultimately, these things culminate in a finished product that has a high production cost, which leaves manufacturers with limited opportunities for profit margins. Conversely, the higher price of finished products impacts the pricing structure of intermediate industries, which makes the finished technical textile products available to consumers.


However, upcoming and new technologies like the previously mentioned ones are helping reduce the cost of production. Thus, making it easier for market players to manufacture technical textiles and make them commercially viable.


These cost-cutting new technologies are expected to overcome restraints and support the growth of the global technical textiles market in the coming years.


Region-wise, production and growth opportunities of fibres and technical textiles are also centred around countries with technological capabilities. This includes countries like the U.S., Canada, Japan, and a few countries in Europe.


However, rapidly developing nations in the Asia-Pacific region, like China and India, are also expected to show growth in the coming years. Key factors like growing economies, rising populations, increasing demands for hygiene products, etc., are all driving growth for this market in the Asia Pacific region.


The key challenge in terms of regions is the varying environmental mandates. Key market players are restricted from using manufacturing materials according to regional regulations. This poses challenges for the global technical textiles market.


Many governments are restricting chemical use across industries, consumers demand the use of bio-degradable materials, and the intermediate industry wants to ensure that pricing is not increased to a point where they start to lose market share.


You can get an in-depth report on the global technical textiles market from Douglas Insights. This report covers various product types and end-user segments.


Covered industries include the ones that rely on textiles for safety, filtration, support, etc. The report highlights all key aspects of the market by segmenting it based on the form of material, material type, region, application, and industrial end-use category.


The report offers a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the global technical textiles market and analyses market trends globally for the coming years. You will also find crucial information like historic market revenue, CAGR projections, market share analysis, key driving factors, restraints, demand, COVID-19 impact, and a lot more.


The detailed report also highlights the fastest growing applications and technologies, an assessment of the vendors' landscape, and a detailed profile of key market players like DuPont, Mitsui Chemicals Inc., Asahi Kasei Corp., Kimberly-Clarke, Berry Global Group, and Freudenberg & Co.


The incredible insights you get from Douglas Insights' global technical textiles market report are a game-changer for marketers, businesses, investors, and professionals in the industry. It can help you make key decisions about the market that help your business or investments.


Most importantly, the exhaustively detailed report, its projections, and its insights can give you an edge over competitors.


You can buy this highly informed report for just $5500 from the Douglas Insights official website, the price set for a single user for one year of access. If you are interested in a multi-user license, that is also available for just $6600 for up to 15 users within a company. Enterprise-level or multinational companies can also get a global user license for $9504, accessible to all company users at all geo-locations.


The best part is that you can request a sample or customisation, inquire before buying, and get access to the report within one business day.


So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of this special report here so your company is not left out on the current trends and future projections of the global technical textiles market. Let us know if you found it to be helpful.

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