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Erik Petrov


21 September 2022

Bringing The ‘90s Fashion Trends to 2022

Is there anything better than reliving the glory days of the good old '90s? Well, here's the good news: some of our favorite '90s fashion trends are coming back, and now we can be free to channel our inner spice girls and all our other '90s fashion role models. 



From rectangular sunglasses and varsity jackets to cheetah print and hoop earrings, if you ever felt inspired by ‘90s fashion, now is the time to dress to your heart’s desire. There’s just something about dressing old school that we can’t get enough of! 


10 Trends From The '90s You Need to Try Now 


We’ve put together a list of our top 10 ‘90s fashion trends to try. If you haven’t already added these clothing and jewelry items to your wardrobe, this is your sign to do it! 


1. Choker Necklaces


Do you remember the goth girl dream that was stretchy choker necklaces back in the day? Also known as tattoo chokers, these necklaces can be the perfect accessory to tie together any outfit and add a touch of fun to it. You can try the classic all-black or pick out a colorful one with a charm added to it. 


2. Slip Dresses


Slip dresses can transform you from just anybody to that girl. They’re fit for any occasion, whether you want to dress down with a cardigan thrown over the top or dress to the nines with some strappy heels. With a slip dress in your closet, you can’t go wrong. 


3. Roller Skates


Whether you're thinking back to long summer days spent at the roller rink or watching the latest TikToks, you’ve probably got bright and colorful roller skates on your mind. Buy a pair for yourself now and learn some basic skating, and you’ll be the coolest cat on the block. 


4. Varsity Jackets 


You’ve probably seen old photos of your parents decked up in varsity jackets. Well, now it’s time to give them some nostalgia. If you want a sporty-cool vibe, or maybe that nonchalant “this is my boyfriend’s jacket” look, then a varsity jacket is the way to do it. 


5. Cheetah Print 


Cheetah print was probably the defining print of the ‘90s. Whether you wore long jackets, small tops, hats, or dresses, the cheetah print reigned supreme. Now, you can probably add a hint of the print to a plain outfit to elevate the look. 


6. Baby Tees


Baby tees are the new – or should we say old? – baggy t-shirt. Replace the old, baggy shirts with smaller, cropped versions, and then throw on a pair of cargo pants to go with it. With a few of these tees in your closet, you'll be dressing in the same league as all your favorite TikTokers and social media stars. 


7. Hoop Earrings 


Hoop earrings are so versatile they can go with just about any outfit. You can choose different sizes, colors, and materials. Small gold huggies or large purple hoops, there are so many options to choose from! Hoops will probably never go out of fashion, so consider the purchase a big investment. 


8. Low Rise Jeans 


Low-rise jeans – do we love them or hate them? While this one might be a bit controversial, we can't help but love the look. With models like Bella Hadid showing off their figures in low-rise jeans and cropped tops, we're dying to recreate the look. 


9. Rectangular Sunglasses


Gone are the days of large sunglasses. Tiny rectangular ones are back now. You can try simple black frames or go for funkier or colorful ones. Pair the sunglasses with a sleek bun or a claw clip hairstyle, and you'll be channeling Kendall Jenner with every look. 


10. Leather Jackets 


And finally, last on our list are leather jackets. Leather jackets are the perfect add-on to just about any outfit. Wear a leather jacket over a dress or a t-shirt and jeans, and you’ll instantly look ten times cooler. 


We hope you’ll bring out your inner ‘90s kid with these 10 fashion trends to try. However, don’t stop there and bring back any other ‘90s fashion looks that you adore. 

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