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03 November 2022

Collagen Market - Know all about the trends

You may have heard about the growing global demand for collagen, but did you know there are different collagen types? And did you know that the type of collagen used in your products can impact how well they work?




Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is found in all connective tissues, bones and muscles. This fibrous protein makes up about the majority of skin, tendon and bone dry weight. It's also responsible for keeping skin plump, flexible and youthful looking.


Collagen is important for many things:

  • It helps keep skin looking young and smooth.
  • It can help heal wounds.
  • It helps make bones strong.


Collagen is also used in food processing and as a drug delivery system. The demand for this product has grown tremendously over the past decade, and we expect that trend to continue.


Collagen is produced naturally by the human body but can also be obtained from animal sources such as cows, fish and pigs. 


The proteinhas been used for several applications, including food & beverage packaging and, cosmetics & personal care products. In addition, it acts as an important ingredient for biomedical applications such as wound healing dressings and implants for joint replacement surgery. The application segment accounted for over a quarter  of the total revenue generated from collagen products, while food & beverages accounted for around a fifth.


The global collagen market is expected to register a CAGR of 6.1% between 2021 and 2025. The market is driven by factors such as the increasing demand for cosmetics, the rising ageing population and an increasing number of women. These factors have resulted in the growth of the global collagen market.


Increasing demand for cosmetic products and growth in the medical sector are the major drivers for this market.


The global market is segmented into type, application, end user and geography regions. Based on type, there are two main types of collagen: bovine and marine. The latter is expected to grow faster owing to increasing use in applications such as cosmetics and nutraceuticals.


Collagen is a protein that constitutes one-third of the total protein content in the human body. It is mainly obtained from the skin and bones of animals but can also be extracted from fish scales or plants such as seaweed or banana pulp. The demand for collagen-based products is driven by their applications in various end-use industries such as cosmetics and personal care, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, etc.


The global collagen market has witnessed an upward trend over the last few years due to growing demand for collagen-based products across multiple ends, such as agriculture and the animal feed industry. Collagen has high nutritional value and contains essential amino acids like glycine and proline, which help improve immunity against diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis.


Based on application, this market can be divided into pharmaceuticals, personal care products (PCPs) and food & beverages (F&B). PCPs are expected to grow faster due to increasing demand from consumers for non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle reduction procedures through cosmetic products with ingredients like collagen.


The Douglas Insights report on Global Collagen Market is a comprehensive look at the collagen market. It covers all significant areas of interest in this space, including market size, trends, and forecasts.


This report is packed with information and data to help you better understand the market and make more informed decisions about your business.


The report is broken down into three sections:


  1. Introduction - we give a brief overview of what collagen is, what it does in our bodies, and how it affects our appearance and health.
  2. Market Analysis - here, we look at global consumption trends for collagen and its uses in different industries (food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care). We also cover the industry's current issues, including sustainability practices and product safety concerns.
  3. Key Trends - this section provides an overview of recent market developments poised to impact future growth (e.g., new products/new applications).


The report also includes a detailed analysis of factors influencing the market, such as technological developments, regulatory changes, and shifting consumer preferences.


In this report, we've gathered data from all over the world to give you an up-to-date overview of where these markets are headed and what they look like today. We've also included some helpful tips for potential investors in this space.


You'll learn about the following:


  • How much money is currently being spent on collagen products worldwide
  • Which regions are expected to see growth in the next five years
  • What trends are emerging in the industry right now


Thanks for reading! Check out our full report for expert analysis and outlook on the industry. It includes a breakdown of the global collagen market and its key players.


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