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Games In Education – An Effective Means of Promoting Learning

Gaming is incredibly common. Even without accounting for all the non-digital forms of games, like board games, card games, or kid-friendly games, including hide-and-seek or tag, well over two out of every three children play video games. Even simple actions like flipping a coin to make a decision can be considered a game. This itself is an indication that games have a globally appealing quality. 


Games are considered to have a lot of advantages as well. The Civilisation video game series has been used by educators to teach history. A video game called Walden engages players entirely within a literary book. 


If you wish to start teaching the importance of pure perseverance, put them in front of an old gaming console for some time. Good games offer players innovative methods of perceiving and understanding challenges. 


Games in Education 


Increasingly more and more educators have started adopting games as a means of teaching. It is no surprise that games are an effective tool to inspire and assist learning. There are generally two types of games that can be used in education: 

  1. using entertainment-oriented games in a learning environment 
  2. educators incorporating gameplay elements to improve instruction 


The first form needs to be acknowledged. Playing a video game and understanding concepts have a lot in common. 


Even game genres that are often dismissed by adults, like matching mobile puzzle games or fast-paced action video games, have been found to have educational benefits. In the educational field, memorising skill-and-drill games are often criticised for concentrating on the incorrect aspect of learning, and yet they frequently still implement features like incentives, objectives, and storylines, which can generate evident improvements in learning. 


Games can offer so many important things that a regular educational curriculum fails to do on its own. Gaming in e-learning environments now has the potential to revolutionise education. It teaches skills that will last a lifetime, like solving problems, cooperation, critical thinking, social intelligence, and collaboration. 


Games also increase motivation and interest in certain subject areas while reducing attrition among students, improving grades, and improving intellectual capabilities. 


Education technology platforms deftly integrate gaming-based education approaches into their syllabus in order to stimulate students' interest in studies without additional pressure. The benefits of this process of learning transcend the classroom; students can comprehend the information better and remember it longer. 


Online education and ed-tech are now cited as important components of education and represent a major shift that promotes substituting innovative and immersive learning strategies, like gaming and applications, for memorisation in order to give good education. 


Benefits of Gamification in Education 


Fun Method of Education 

Let's bust a misconception first. Gamification doesn't want to turn learning into gaming, but it does draw on the psychological factors that encourage participation among students. The end effect may be motivating and pleasurable. 


Improves Focus and Concentration 

Since children have problems paying attention, conventional teaching techniques might get boring. Learning is more exciting, thanks to gaming. It encourages the student to do extra study. 


Encourages Healthy Competition 

Games can transform dull material into enjoyable and interactive experiences by appealing to our innate desire to participate. Gaming also encourages healthy peer competition and provides children with a sense of accomplishment for completing a topic after engaging in gamified tasks and exercises. 


Immediate Feedback 

By gamifying educational targets, which motivates students to work toward them and gives them immediate feedback, the objectives of the study can be fulfilled. Substantial possibilities arise to move from traditional education to digital skill-based education thanks to education technology platforms and tools. A scoreboard or leaderboard gives pupils continuous feedback by letting them evaluate their performance compared to that of their classmates. 


Badges Motivate Students 

In gamification information, a pupil can earn digital medals, stickers, or rewards for completing units or exercises related to the subject. They serve as a reminder of the child's accomplishments and inspire the community's involvement and tracking of individual growth while vastly expanding their knowledge. 


Finally, gamification in education can motivate students, encourage active learning, and reduce stress and anxiety, ultimately fostering effective commitment. 

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