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25 January 2023

Global Cloud-Based Contact Center Market - The Technological Advancement Companies Have Longed for

Most of us must have encountered moments where we have a complaint to file to the same brand that delivered us a defective product. Back in the day, companies used to create important call centers and hire multiple people to cater to their customers' issues and resolve them over the phone. 


The world has gone far beyond this method now. Even though call centers are still the top priority of high-end brands, they have also come across some of the newest methods to resolve their customers' issues. Scientists have worked through it and invented some of the most recent software that works as additional channels for customer experience.


Contact centers include multiple channels like social media, video, text, email, and phones. The people behind those channels can work both from the office or home. Such people handle all the servers' maintenance, equipment, and technical setup. Since it is a cloud-based contact center, everything is uploaded on the internet from where the customer data get uploaded on the software so that everyone is on the same page while handling a complaint. 


These contact centers also save customers' previous records so that companies can figure out if someone is making a fool of them. The companies usually have an AI system behind the phone that attends to the phone and answers the client by forwarding their call to the relevant department, which saves up a lot of their time. This auto-attendant responds through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to ensure the quality of service a company provides to its customers. 


Since the system is operated through an AI system, it gives the supervisors detailed information and statistical analysis of call duration, waiting time, and more so that they can optimize and upgrade their contact centers if there seems to be an issue. 


One of the best features of cloud-based contact centers is that it allows you to work globally without worrying about international call charges that people used to pay back in the day. Since it doesn't require the companies to buy expensive hardware, it saves up so much of the organization's cost while giving them the best quality.


Cloud-based contact centers can work with close to zero impact on your budget, which means they are not that expensive even after delivering the customers with the highest level of technology. 


Some customers do not feel comfortable talking to a human while complaining about a particular product which is why they find contact centers the most feasible medium since it also includes the option of emailing an organization. That way, they do not have to talk on call and can comfortably complain about their service or products. 


One of the most interesting technical features that the creators have come up with is a speech analytic option that monitors the customers' voices behind the call. This feature figures out if they are dealing with an angry or upset caller so that they call forward the case to the relevant attendant who knows how to deal with them. 


Cloud technology is constantly coming up with new features to add to the system to improve and enhance the quality care of customer service.


Some of the most famous vendors that provide the client with cloud contact centers are Talkdesk, RingCentral, Nice, Genesys, Five9, Avaya, and 8x8.


Douglas Insights has a complete report based on cloud-based contact centers, which is very detailed, providing the readers with relevant information. The report analyzes today's market trends by serving 2020 as the base year and predicts future ones till 2026.


The report forecasts all the revenue generated with this technology based on end-user industry and region, organization size, deployment mode, and components that are essential features of an organization.


The report also highlights the challenges companies and customers face while using the cloud-based contact center with vendor landscape.


It includes profiles of some of the leading companies using this medium to cater to their clients: Teleforge Corp., Oracle Corp., Five9 Inc., Amazon Web Services Inc., and 1Stream Inc. 


Since AI technology reports all the little details, it is easier for the report to include a complete market analysis of some of the most high-end industries. The report also covers their key marketing strategies, strategic alliances, and proprietary technologies.


The report includes complete assessments of the new developments in the industry while also highlighting their forecast and current market size, which are impacted by the company's forces, restraints, and market drivers. 


The report analyzes global market trends based on Compound Annual Growth Rates (CAGRs) with the data collected from 2020 stats and estimates for future years till 2024.


It contains around 50 data tables to give an overview of the cloud-based contact center market, with 31 additional tables to better understand. 


The report also covers investments and collaborations of some of the most famous companies to give an overview of their process to help ease out yours. 


You will also come across the details on deployment mode, which consists of three types of cloud; public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. These types work in different fields of industry, including healthcare, logistics and transport, retail and customer, media and entertainment, IT & telecom, banking, insurance, and financial services. 


Douglas Insights provides you with three different options to purchase this report. The first option is to buy a Single User License which can only be used by an individual and is available for $5500. The second option contains Multi User License, which can be used by up to 15 users working in the same company, which is available for $6600. The third and last option consists of a Global User License, which can be used by all the employees working in the same company at a Geolocation, which is available for $9504.


So what are you waiting for? By clicking here, you can get your hands on this extensive global cloud-based contact center market report, which features industry trends and forecasts for 2029.

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