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Erik Petrov1


30 January 2023

Global In-Game Advertising Market, an Effective Opportunity for the Marketing Agencies

The in-game advertising goes back to 1978 when the ads first started to pop up in the famous video game Adventure land. People were shocked to see such a type of marketing strategy at first as the people found it to be effective. 


People have played games enormously since Corona Virus spread across different regions. This increase in video game consumption allowed the brands to showcase and market their advertisements between those games.


In-game advertising usually appears in the form of background displays, billboards, on-screen adverts, cutscenes, and pop-up messages. All of these ways are the perfect form of advertising strategies that grab the instant attention of the players. 


In-game advertising is a very effective way to reach the target audience, and it has also been proven to be the most successful method of all. Video gaming is the platform where the audience is most active and engaged since they have to concentrate on their games. 


The main goal of advertising agencies for in-game advertising is to get the audience’s attention without interrupting their game or getting in the way of their enjoyment. 


Video games these days are a great way to gather friends and family together for a memorable time of enjoyment. What else can be the best time to advertise your product by marketing it on the giant LED that people are playing games on with the entire family? That is why it is an innovative way for brands to expand their market and target audience. 


In-game advertising makes your marketing even more visible by showing the products repeatedly to a single player where the competition from other brands is still very low. 


Pre-roll videos are the most effective type of in-game advertising that pops up for a few seconds before the game starts. This type of advertising bound the players to have a look at it before starting their game. 


The COVID-19 outbreak saw a noticeable increase in mobile game installations by 45% from 2019 - 2020, which generated a revenue of $120 billion for the industry. The in-game revenue is reported to reach around an additional revenue of $56 billion by 2024. 


The marketing agents use a foot-in-the-door technique for in-game advertising, which asks the players to watch a small video at first and then makes them accept a much bigger task. Players ultimately spend money to get in-game benefits while also benefiting the marketing teams. 


Back in the day, most of the male population played video games. Still, the gender split shows a percentage of 51% females and 49% males, which benefits the marketing agencies by targeting both genders for their comparable products. 


The marketing agents ensure the content reaches the target audience only in appropriate gaming environments with user-friendly content. This display of ads boosts their engagement percentage, benefiting the brands. 


The global in-game advertising market has increased significantly, and it plans to continue to do so in the future with the rise in demand for video games. 


The Douglas Insights website has generated a detailed report on in-game advertising that provides readers with information on current marketing trends. They have used 2021 as the base year since it gave rise to video game consumption, and then, keeping those stats in mind, they have generated estimated data of revenue from the year 2022 to 2027. 


The researchers have gathered multiple data through primary and secondary research sources, which provides an overview of opportunities, restraints, and drivers for the advertising market. Douglas Insight and the team have put a lot of effort into making the report an easy one that can be understood by all, with the colorful representation of charts and figures. 


It includes quantitative and qualitative data analysis to give the readers a straightforward explanation of the current in-game advertising market. 


The following report includes around 50 additional tables, with 42 main ones that include essential data for the readers. It gives descriptive and extensive profiles of some of the most famous companies currently in trend with the market. These companies include Vivendi SE, Meta Platforms Inc., FreakOut Holdings Inc., Dentsu Group Inc., and Alphabet Inc. 


The report includes the latest information on the most recent strategic alliances, collaborations, agreements, partnerships, acquisition deals, mergers, and market developments that match the in-game advertising market. 


It covers all the business, economic, and technical considerations of the in-game advertising market, which is essential for people to know before they jump into this marketing trend. The vendor landscape this report offers will give the readers some additional information about the extensive research on in-game advertising. 


The report estimates updated revenue with the shared analysis of the industry’s specific challenges, fundamental shifts and regulations, some market opportunities, and drivers. 


It highlights some macroeconomic factors as well, which are in accordance with the specific regions. These factors will shape the market demand of the future in the upcoming years, which ranges from 2022 to 2027. 


The Compound Annual Growth Rates (CAGRs) provide extensive information on current market size with an estimated percentage of future market sizes that determines each segment in detail.


The report also contains multiple market factors, including case analysis, PEST analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, and COVID-19 impact, which combine to give a detailed analysis of in-game marketing. 


The following report is available for readers to purchase with different licenses. The first is a Single User License, which is available for $5500. The second one is Multi User License, which can be used by up to 15 users working in the same company, which is available for $6600. The third and last license is called the Global User License, which can be used by all the company employees working at a Geolocation and is available for $9504.


Get your hands on one of the most informative reports of the Global in-game advertising market from Douglas Insights here to get a detailed overview of the current trends.


The company also assists if you need any, for which you can call +447624248772.

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