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23 January 2023

Global Markets for Adhesives & Sealants/Joining and Fastening, Perfect Replacement for Mechanical Bolts

The market of adhesive tapes and sealants is replacing mechanical rivets, clips, screws, and bolts due to the number of benefits they provide. The most common and valuable adhesive tapes are high-bond and double-sided tapes. 


If we talk about double-sided tapes, they are super light in weight and easy to apply, which makes it feasible for companies to choose them over mechanical fastening. Such types of tapes replace the need for surface finishing, welding, drilling, and hole spotting, as you have to stick them onto a surface. 


They are suitable for industrial applications, provide faster bonding, can be removed if necessary, are very long-lasting, and contain high strength, which is why people prefer them.


Now talking about the very high bond tapes, they are made from acrylic foam which is very high in strength and elastic in nature, making it easier for people to stick them onto the surface. They are super reliable, for they can hold any surface together. The consistent adhesion and strong bonding make it perfect for companies to prefer it over mechanical fastening.


Sealants, on the other hand, fill gaps between surfaces, preventing dust and water from entering. However, they are not that reliable as they hold much lesser strength but can be much more flexible.


Sealants prevent water leakage by covering the surfaces with their chemical nature. Some types of sealants stick easily at room temperature but require certain efforts to disassemble the material if needed. 


Sealants provide water and air-tight condition, unlike adhesives, which hold the surfaces together. Adhesives can be perfect for bonding purposes as they are very much in demand these days. 


Some pressure-sensitive adhesives do not entirely solidify upon application, so you must do proper research before deciding on your material. 


The different types of sealant include polyurethane which is usually a go-to choice for contractors since they offer excellent resilience to shear forces and abrasion. Another type is Polyisobutylenes which offer improved durability and resists chemical attack on a reasonable level. 


Silicone is also one of the best sealants, with good adhesion and dynamic movement. Another type includes Polysulfide, which is relatively more expensive than the others as it offers excellent flexibility even at UV degradation. The Butyl type can be hard to apply because of its stringier consistency, just like Acrylics, but they are much more suitable for exterior applications. 


Water-based Latex sealant is best for surfaces with small gaps because they can be prone to shrinkage. We are concluding all the types of sealants with a note that they can be perfect applicators in exchange for mechanical bolts and screws. 


Adhesives are compared to mechanical fasteners in today's industry mainly because of their light-in-weight nature. 


Douglas Insight contains an extensive report in a format that is easy to understand by everyone, as it contains physical representations in the form of charts, tables, and figures. The report contains an extensive explanation of sealants and adhesives and their types which shows a variation in the industry globally. 


It contains company profiles of some of the most famous and reputable organizations, which include SIKA AG, H.B. Fuller Co., KGaA, Henkel AG & Co., Bostik - An Arkema Co., and Dow Inc.


The report also includes insights into recent market developments, product innovations, and the R&D activities of some of the most famous global manufacturers with their competitive landscapes. 


It also highlights relevant potent analysis, key marketing strategies, strategic alliances, and proprietary technologies while sharing their market analysis. The report also discusses the environmental impact of using different sealants and adhesives. 


The report describes the technology life cycle (TLC) and product lifestyle of different sealants and adhesives while highlighting how companies can maintain ecological balance to avoid harm. 


The upcoming marketing opportunities for these materials are also clarified in the report so readers can benefit while creating their segments and sub-segments. The report also contains the importance, concepts, benefits, and history of sealants and adhesives to provide the companies with an extensive overview of all the factors to consider before choosing the material. 


Every material has specific standards and regulations, just like sealants and adhesives. The report contains all the information about the product's standards with upcoming market opportunities. 


The market share analysis mentioned in the report is based on geographic region, application, chemistry, type, technology, and product, along with the forecast and evaluation of market size in dollars. 


It covers product opportunities from the point of view of a company and its strengths. Through the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGRs) system, the global market trends have been analyzed from 2020 data to estimate the future analysis till 2026. 


The report contains around 353 data tables to give a complete overview to the readers, along with 68 additional tables for a better understanding. 


The report also contains the classification of adhesives by technology, structure, curing process, origin, bonding mechanism, and product categories which covers almost everything one needs to be aware of for the following topic. 


It also contains information about environmental protection and government regulations, which combine to give a perfect picture of everything a company needs to take care of. The report also highlights U.S. green building programs, which contain extensive information regarding the relevant topic.


Douglas Insights provides an extensive report on the global market of adhesives and sealants for joining and fastening purposes in three types of licenses. The first license is called a Single User License, which can be accessed by a single individual only, as it is available for $5500. 


The second license is Multi User License, which can be used by up to 15 users working in the same company and is available for $6600. The third and most significant license is the Global User License which can be used by all the employees working in the same company at a Geolocation and is available for $9504.


Click here to get your hands on the most informative and knowledgeable report by Douglas Insight.

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