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Erik Petrov1


18 January 2023

Industry Insights You Can’t Ignore - Global Clinical Trials Management Systems Market

The global clinical trials management systems market has seen a rapid surge in demand over the years. It will continue to see an upward trend due to various imperative factors gradually. The need for fair and manageable clinical trials has increased in recent years due to the demand for numerous medicines and treatments for new and old diseases and disorders. 


A Clinical Trials Management System or CTMS aids medical researchers in implementing clinical trials effectively by collecting and managing data and keeping it up-to-date for uniform information across all channels. The data on CTMS contains information regarding trial patients, their trial schedules, and the effects of whichever treatment they have been provided. The system also aids in preparing the calendar, creating rosters, assigning team members tasks, and recording project milestones. 


The popularity of CTMS rose when researchers realized the need for uniform and updated data across all the channels of a clinical trial. Since numerous teams and medical facilities often work in clinical trials along with different testing sites, having updated data without a proper system was impossible. Moreover, several clinical trials are time-bound due to the urgency of treatment or the severity of the disease. Hence, having updated data was crucial. 


Furthermore, certain participant information, such as medical history, economic background, enrollment status, etc., are also imperative before beginning the trials. Without having a centralized information channel, these viable factors could face negligence which could tweak the results of treatments. Therefore, CTMS has gained popularity in the past few years and will continue to be a sought-after solution due to ease of use, centralized information, updated data across all boards, time effectiveness, and proper resource management, which also eases financial restrictions so that capital could be used on other imperative aspects of the research instead of logistics.


Another factor contributing to global clinical trials management systems market growth is the need for digitization of data to reduce paper waste and ensure backed-up, secure data for years. CTMS can hold data from years ago without increasing the physical load and help in easy analysis and classification, which could help future research. Moreover, the incoming information overload from the current clinical trial for CTMS can also be easily managed without needing extensive and heavy files on each subject matter. The data remains safe from human error and any potential theft or misplacement. 


Pharmaceutical companies and medical facilities are becoming serious about clinical trials as deadly viruses and bacterial diseases are taking over the world. Hence, subsidized clinical trials are becoming more in demand, ultimately accelerating CTMS adoption. Furthermore, research on treatment for chronic diseases is also making health facilities more interested in CTMS to ensure efficient data management. 


Despite considerable growth contributing factors, some factors might also significantly impede the global clinical trials management systems market growth. A major hindrance is the stringent rules and regulations set up by health authorities for clinical trial approvals and budget negotiations that take up a lot of time. Apart from that, several clinical trials struggle to find an appropriate participant population for the treatment, which could slow things down along the line for CTMS purchases. Constant updates in clinical trial protocols might also restrain the growth of CTMS, as the implementation of clinical trials could take up some months or years. 


According to a regional analysis of the global clinical trials management systems market, North America will dominate the market due to rapid technological advancement and a great human resource bank for looking over the technical aspects of CTMS. However, Asia Pacific is next in line with China and India fighting for market domination which can pose severe competition to North America and might turn the tables as the technological revolution in these countries is also increasing chances of speedy CTMS adoption. 


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