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Erik Petrov1


03 February 2023

Is the Global Cannabis Extraction Market the Next Big Medical Trend?

Cannabis extraction and extract have gone through exponential growth in the past decade. After being criminalized for a long time, the world saw and moved towards legalizing cannabis in many countries. Cannabis extraction and distribution is relatively new as cannabis distilleries have only recently become notable in the global north. In developing countries, there is still much taboo around the use of cannabis. Cannabis has not entered the formal sector in these countries yet, but with all the media and regulations around cannabis springing up, this may soon change. 


One of the significant areas where cannabis extracts are used is in the medical industry. The extract mainly contains cannabinoids like CBD and THC. Many medical practitioners use CBD to alleviate pain in medical conditions. The higher concentration of Cannabinoids in extracts means the youths are much more likely to vape less as the intensity is much more. Thus, the need for alternatives to fresh cannabis also drives the market demand. Cannabis extraction is a process of passing a solvent over fresh or cured cannabis material. The material is generally present in leaves, flowers or even stems. 


The growing prevalence of THC vape pens and harmful solvents for cannabis extraction, like butane and hexane, is causing many companies to invest in research and development, which drives the market.


Some major factors contribute to the overall growth of the cannabis extraction market. These include the following:

  • Rising prevalence of cancer
  • Growing prevalence of chronic disorders like Crohn’s disease and Arthritis
  • Growing awareness in society regarding the several benefits of cannabis. 
  • Use of cannabis as an alternate medication to antidepressants
  • Rise in medical research regarding cannabis research
  • Increasing prevalence of marijuana for medicinal purposes 
  • Growth in legal marijuana distilleries all over the world. 
  • Decriminalization and legalization of marijuana in developed countries.
  • Lack of legal framework in developing countries surrounding marijuana. 
  • Growing research by companies on sustainable extraction of cannabis. 


Cannabis extraction also leads to the creation of several other products like THC drinks, gummy bears, wax and oil, which add to the increasing market growth in developed countries. The primary factor is increasing awareness regarding the several medical uses of cannabis globally. However, this leads to inorganic growth, which is why the market is growing exponentially. Cannabis extracts are also suitable for treating insomnia, adding to the market's overall growth. 


Antidepressants have a lot of side effects which is why many are apprehensive about taking them. Cannabis extracts can act as an alternative medicine that has reduced side effects. The effectiveness of cannabis extracts as an antidepressant will drive the growth rate of the cannabis extraction market. There is an increasing need to help reduce pain in chronic diseases, which adds to the rising demand in the market. However, the growth of the cannabis extraction market is restricted due to lack of formalization in the developing world.


The Douglas Insights Report contains much information about cannabis extraction equipment and services as DI has some of the industry's most extensive reports. The company provides a search engine for every kind of market you may want, including the Cannabis Extraction market. 


The report identified segments within the cannabis extraction market, including the equipment, services, and methods. There was also information regarding the market size in US dollars. The report also focuses on the developed world because cannabis extraction is a formal market here. The report includes information regarding the market size, increasing growth rates, drivers, and restraints in the US, Asia, and Europe. 


The report on Cannabis Extraction Market by Douglas Insights can serve as one of the most necessary business tools you would look through before deciding on investments in the cannabis extraction market. Knowing about the segments that make up the cannabis extraction market is necessary. Information regarding these segments and subcategories can help with problems of market entry. They also help in understanding the competitive landscape as well as new developments in the market.


Investment also requires information regarding future opportunities and how they will fare. Douglas insights have specific future analysis tools, and the results are openly shared in the report. Each segment has further sub-categories, which involve exploration all on their own.


The reports are highly comprehensive and include information regarding notable international lenders and current market trends. Douglas Insights also includes 51 data tables and 113 supplementary tables in the global cannabis extraction market report. The graphical representation helps with the compilation and reading of data regarding the market.


It has an intense review regarding the market on cannabis extraction involving equipment and services in this industry. The historical data helps chart the trends that may come to be if investment were to be made in this market. 


Other helpful information is the estimation of market size, market forecast, and thorough market analysis of each segment in the report. There is also a more astute discussion around market potential and innovation of new cannabis extraction tools. Each innovation also had information regarding supply chain analysis, regulations and other conditions that the market requires. Knowing this information smoothens the market entry process, enabling companies to scope out potential threats and weaknesses.


Douglas Insights also included data surrounding the technological, business and economic considerations the company would have to make when entering the cannabis extraction market. Such information is essential to know the market's future and if it supports investment. 


A business can achieve a competitive edge with a thorough examination of the competitive and consumer landscape of the global cannabis extraction market. We have already detailed the plethora of information you will get with this report. Still, some of the most critical information comes from financial analysis by business experts. 


The intricacies and depth of information present in the report are crucial in providing you with the best possible opportunity to invest in the market and profit from it.


Regardless of how you want to participate in this market, this report can help identify the perfect solutions, regions, and scenarios to engage with.


Please think of this report as an investment into securing the future of your business, as it helps save you from any possible bad decisions once you’ve entered the market. For more extensive information, you can visit the Douglas Insights website or contact them at +447624248772.

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