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17 September 2022

Non-alcoholic booze is the trend these days

Sadly, 'Dry January' has passed, but you can still enjoy non-alcoholic beverages all year round, and that too not for sobriety reasons. There are several vendors selling delectable non-alcoholic alternatives to the classical drinks and margaritas that you may regularly consume at gatherings. This non-alcoholic booze mimics the taste of all the popular drinks we are well accustomed to. 


The non-alcoholic beverage industry has seen a recent boom as the so-called 'sober inquisitive' individuals have started to appear in several cities. Major alcohol producers like Molson Coors, AB InBev, and Heineken have started to provide more alcohol-free booze options in recent years in order to meet the rising demand from consumers. Smaller companies like Seedlip and Athletic Brewing have also entered the industry with alcohol-free liquor substitutes and craft beer without alcohol. 


Less Drinking, More Partying 

The reason for the dramatic rise in the demand for non-alcoholic booze is for youngsters who want to enjoy a night out without having to lose their senses. While they can always have a soda or a seltzer, these non-alcoholic drinks help abstainers blend in. 


It is not like the younger generation doesn't drink at all; they do so in moderation because of the increased awareness of the side effects of alcohol, or maybe they have to drive home or avoid a hangover. Whatever the reason, non-alcoholic booze has gained a lot of traction recently and offers a range of sophisticated flavours in attractive packaging and colourful cans. 


The most prominent marketing strategy that we're observing is the emphasis on the belief that consumers can still socialise, celebrate, and partake in a delicious drink while refraining from booze, whether it be for personal or lifestyle reasons. There has been a societal change in recent years in terms of how people see alcohol. Short-term initiatives like Sober October and Dry January demonstrate that people are more deliberate regarding when they wish to consume alcohol and the times they want to refrain from it. 


There is undoubtedly a change in the "sober-curious" society as not drinking becomes somewhat more fashionable. Non-alcoholic beverages like kombucha or shrubs are becoming more popular, as are non-alcoholic beers, non-alcoholic wines, and even non-alcoholic liquor. More people are aware of the potentially harmful consequences of drinking on health, both emotional and physical. Millennials are changing how they feel about alcohol in comparison to older generations. However, it's not simply to support a healthy way of life, but also the availability of non-alcoholic beverages is also relevant, especially since non-alcoholic beverages taste great.


Non-Alcoholic Options 

There is a non-alcoholic alternative for every kind of drinker out there, whether you enjoy beer, specialty cocktails, or wine. There are many 0% NA beers available in the marketplace from companies like Cruz Fermentation project, Clausthaler, Partake, and Athletic Brewing, with other major companies, also hopping on the trend. For instance, Heineken introduced its 0.0 beer early in 2019. Additionally, Guinness also offers a 0.0 alternative. 


Gruvi, Lyre's, Ghia, Spirity, and many more, offer ready-to-drink NA cocktails and wines for people who are interested in them. You may buy NA liquor as well; some manufacturers even produce cocktails that are reminiscent of traditional alcoholic beverages like tequila.


Demand for NA Drinks Skyrocketing in the Middle East and Malaysia 

In the Middle East and Asia, too, there is a rising trend toward non-alcoholic beverages. It is an interesting moment for the world's spirits sector because a few additional billion individuals will be joining it. Previously, only the top earners or the world's richest consumers would focus on health and wellness, but this is beginning to change. The other aspect is age. Because of the fact that they were raised in an era of healthcare efforts that supported organic and plant-based foods, millennials are drinking less alcohol than prior generations. 


Wrap Up 

While it is clear that the non-alcoholic beverage sector is booming, it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will try them. There are some instances when there isn't a replacement for an actual alcoholic drink, except for maybe those who are trying to remain sober. 


Additionally, these non-alcoholic boozes aren't completely alcohol-free but contain a very minimal amount of approximately 0.5%, which is why health counsellors don't recommend their consumption for individuals with an alcohol abuse history. Only time will tell how far this industry goes, but for now, it seems like it's moving on an upward trajectory and definitely seems like an appealing option.

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