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30 August 2022

Sept 7 launch event for iPhone 14 and several other gadgets

Yes, it is official! Apple has confirmed that its annual flagship launch event will happen earlier this year, on the 7th of September. This decision might prompt an additional 2 weeks of sales growth in the business's fourth fiscal quarter since the company may introduce new iPhones a week sooner than it typically hosts its fall event.

The event is termed the 'Far Out' event, where Apple will unveil smartwatches along with its new iPhone 14 lineup. This will be the business's first significant event after the 2 years of passing under the pandemic lockdowns and will happen on-site at Apple's Cupertino headquarters in the US. 


What's New In The 7th September Launch? 

The basic iPhone 14 versions won't have many major improvements, but the iPhone 14 Pro will receive a powerful 48-megapixel camera, an A16 processor, as well as other upgrades. The iPhone 14 models will still use the A15 processor and won't feature the outstanding camera system, but they will come in new colours and include an improved Ultra-wide-angle lens as well as Wi-Fi 6E and faster 5G.


According to sources, the latest model of Apple's future iPhone 14 will be priced at $799, similar to the iPhone 13. The iPhone mini (5.4 inches) has likely been dropped by the technology giant this year. Apple is also producing new Apple Watch models in conjunction with the latest iPhone versions. The watch comes with reduced power consumption and upgrades, greater battery capacity, temperature monitoring, an S8 chip, and additional potential features like automobile collision warning might all be built-in in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 that is currently under production. 


Apple is also releasing a relatively pricier "Apple Watch Pro" with a new design, a larger size, and significantly improved hardware and display. The Apple Watch Pro is intended for athletes and those who mishandle their smartwatches more often than the typical owner.


In what is anticipated to be a period of increased rivalry, the updated models of the Apple Watch 8 and iPhone 14 could aid Apple in setting itself apart from competitors like Samsung. Consumer spending on technology has decreased, which has resulted in unexpectedly low sales forecasts from chipmaker Intel in addition to unexpected ad revenue shortages for Meta (parent company of Facebook) and Alphabet (parent company of Google). In light of the continuing coronavirus outbreak, increasing inflation, and an impending recession, the overall faith in the economy has completely collapsed and is at its bottom-most level in nearly 70 years. 


Therefore, Apple will need to make a significantly greater effort to woo potential iPhone buyers. Samsung helped Apple's cause a little by introducing its premium Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 at their usual prices and only increased the cost of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and Galaxy Watch 5 by $30 each. As of yet, Apple doesn't seem concerned. Largely due to the significant successes of both iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 launched in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Apple has recorded its highest revenue and earnings throughout each Christmas season over the previous years. 


The 7th of September may also include the most awaited update of Apple's Bluetooth in-ear buds, which has been anticipated for some time now. The earphones will additionally support Apple Lossless audio (also known as ALAC) and come with a wireless charger that can generate a signal for people to track. 


In Conclusion

Although the iPhone will undoubtedly be a focal point of Apple's presentation this time around and what many other individuals will almost certainly be paying attention to, the tech giant is also anticipated to unveil other gadgets, which include updated iPads and Mac PCs with improved processors.

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