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26 April 2022

The Pandemic Surges Demands For Fermented Bean Curd

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on global food consumption and diet patterns. The virus outbreak created a healthy consciousness among the general public, encouraging them to eat clean and live well. Today, more and more people convert to vegan-friendly lifestyles or at least strive to eat nutritious and safe food that encourages their fitness and prevents lethargy or obesity. These are crucial reasons for a rise in  demand for clean foods, allowing them to surpass their annual growth expectation. 


One food item that has become a staple in households other than the Southeast and Pacific Asian countries is the fermented bean curd. It’s also called “tofu” by the locals and is a vegan-friendly protein that acts as a meat substitute. 


International Tofu Demand On A Rise 


What truly pushed- and continues pushing- the need for fermented bean curd? Several notable reasons. For starters, the development of “purposeful eating” is on the rise. People are on the lookout, determining what they’re eating if it contains enough nutrients their body needs, and how high are its overall health benefits. These factors urge the international population to be mindful of what they include in their diets. 


Fermented bean curd is known for its plethora of health advantages. It’s fermented - a feature widely recognized as a wholesome quality because fermented foods are reputable for their assistance in weight management and clean dietary schedules. 


In addition, tofu improves your metabolism because it promotes quick digestion, making it an appealing alternative for children, the elderly, patients, or individuals facing slow metabolism. Furthermore, recent studies and observations suggest that fermented bean curd may help lower the chances of coronary heart diseases, prevent osteoporosis, and stabilize blood pressure levels. 


The next biggest reason is the diverse use. Previously, people hesitated to have tofu because of its blandness. But evolving preferences, tastebuds, textures, and uses enable creativity in tofu consumption. Now, even the non-vegans have adapted to the taste of fermented bean curd and use it for several dishes, including curries, stews, stir-fries, Asian noodle dishes, etc. 


Leading Players In Fermented Bean Curd Consumption And Production


Although China - namely Hong Kong and Singapore, Japan, and Korea are the premium tofu consumers, the list now includes several emerging nations. Thailand, India, and Vietnam are existing and prominent fermented bean curd users because of their Asian cuisines. But the pandemic has also seen a massive increment in tofu demands in economies, including the United States and several European countries like France and the United Kingdom. 


The leading fermented bean producers are all based in China - the hometown of tofu. But other noteworthy manufacturing markets include Japan, the United States, Germany, and France. 


The Future Of Fermented Bean Curd- And Other Meat Substitutes 


Once consumer awareness strikes, it doesn’t diminish. Instead, it expands until more people are familiar with the concept. Therefore, the fermented bean curd market is yet to slow down - and is expected to experience an escalated development even in the future years. With more tofu producers entering the market, fermented bean curd is becoming a vital ingredient in several global households. 


Though, that poses a challenge for new entries for meat substitutes because tofu is already a prominent name - well preferred by many. Then again, globalization, excessive promotional strategies, and a steady pursuit of new brands and meat substitutes can lead to a bigger room for more meat substitutes to rise to fame worldwide. 

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