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27 October 2022

The Tell-Tale Signs That Cara Delevingne Has Been In Need Of Help for a Long Time

Cara Delevingne has been in the industry for a long time now. Starting out young, just out of high school, and becoming Model of the Year in such a short period is naturally daunting for someone her age. Obviously, she hadn’t weighed the pros and cons of acquiring celebrity status at such a young age and suffered the consequences the hard way.




The Early Signs


She has always been a bit peculiar personality-wise. Despite having a public face, she was not every interviewer's favourite. Her fans backed her personality by saying that she is an introvert and not everyone necessarily has to love their personal space invaded by paparazzi.


Her dead-pan “resting bitch face” wasn’t helping overcome the opinions of people who were just bound to misunderstand her demeanor anyway. However, soon enough, what just seemed like a conflicting personality spiraled out of hands for Cara. She became increasingly estranged from her career and her fans, behaving almost odious at every moment she was papped.


It had become clear that this was more than just an introverted personality. She was often seen with friends at basketball matches and restaurants, seemingly looking alright. However, the moment she was caught alone or at parties or asked for an interview, there would come out a completely different side of her.


Recent Developments


Recently, amidst rumors that Cara Delevingne is not doing well, her close friend and fellow actress Margot Robbie was spotted leaving her home, looking distraught. Soon after, Cara was spotted by the paparazzi at Van Nuys Airport looking disheveled and overwhelmed. She was seen arriving at the airport, seemingly jittery to board Jay Z’s private Jet.


However, after almost an hour, she surfaced outside and on the side road, smoking, talking on the phone, and crying. She looked disturbed and worried people across the country about her well-being – including family, friends, and fans focusing on her mental health and making strong allegations of drug abuse. 


News outlets have also been told through close sources that prior to this occurrence, she had been spending days partying at Burning Man without any sense of well-being. However, all this ordeal has sparked concerns for Cara that maybe she isn’t doing too well mentally and abusing drugs, so she might need health before something worse happens.


What to Expect


Many celebrities have been seen spiraling into mental health issues before Cara. In fact, it is ironic for Cara to have surfaced looking like this while wearing a Britney Spears shirt. That is because many of you may already know that the first breakdown in the entertainment industry’s history was seen by Britney Spears, who went as far as shaving her head.


Similarly, other celebrities might not have taken an extreme route but nonetheless have been suffering from mental health problems with one reason in common – starting out their careers extremely young. From Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber – many might be doing better now, but even they went through turmoils of fame.


Hence, it can be expected that due to ongoing and increasing concerns for Cara’s health, she will be able to recover before she is far too gone to come back. It can be expected of her friends in the industry who are concerned for her to take the step required and admit her to a rehabilitation center where she can work on her drug abuse and get therapy for mental health problems.


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