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Erik Petrov1


30 January 2023

Why Is the Global 3D Printing Medical Devices Market Currently on the Rise?

The global 3D printing medical devices market is growing incrementally due to numerous reasons. The recent inventions and researches in the world of medicine require state-of-the-art medical devices that can be manufactured with quality under budget. This need for affordable yet modern tech inventions in the realm of medicine has increased the demand for 3D printing medical devices worldwide. 


3D printing entered the market with a boom due to its unique manufacturing method of continuously layering certain raw materials, such as ceramics, living cells, etc., to create a product. The product designing is done on 3D CAD software with precise interior and exterior measurements to reduce the chances of error. Though initially used in engineering projects, 3D printing soon became a renowned method in the world of medicine since manufacturers realised the true precision and ease of use of the 3D printing method. 


Hence, over the years, the market has seen rapid growth as the demand for different types of implants has risen. 3D printing makes manufacturing these implants easy and accurate, so the medical devices, when used by end consumers, don’t cause any significant problems in adaptation. 


The effectiveness of 3D printing for producing medical devices, when paired with the speed of the process, makes it a well-sought-after method. Since major time-bound surgeries require rapid techniques and devices at their disposal, 3D printing is the only method that can help match that speed. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness also makes it affordable for consumers so that hospitals can treat more people with the best medical solutions. 


Another great factor of using 3D printing in the manufacturing of medical devices is that the design and measurement could be tweaked immediately in case of errors. The software makes the manipulation easy and also shows how the manipulation would look as an end result. Hence, errors can be managed and addressed on time to reduce the number of defective pieces that often cause a financial burden on businesses. 


A huge opportunity in the global 3D printing medical devices market is the rise in neurological and cardiovascular disorders and the currently increasing skeletal and muscular injuries prevalent worldwide. Moreover, dental 3D implants are also growing in demand due to the budget-friendly costs. Hence, the need for anatomical implants to assist in treating and recovering these medical issues is a significant opportunity in the market. 


Despite the massive growth drivers and great opportunities for profit in the global 3D printing medical devices market, some hindrances can impede the market growth. The most noteworthy obstruction is emerging nations’ lack of 3D printing software and manufacturing machines. Due to this unavailability, 3D-printed medical devices might need to be imported into such nations, leading to increased prices that make these devices not a viable option for end consumers. 


Furthermore, there’s a severe need for technical expertise to follow the 3D printing method, carry out precise models’ measurements, and design the anatomical parts accordingly. The manufacturing process and handling of the 3D printing machine also need trained staff that are experienced and well-versed in the procedure. Hence, this issue could become another major restraining factor in the growth of the global 3D printing medical devices market. 


Even though the demand for 3D printing is reigning worldwide, North America will dominate the global 3D printing medical devices market due to numerous reasons. The increase in the ageing population, high demand for customised prosthetics, rapid growth in cardiovascular diseases, and need for tissue engineering contribute to North America’s rapid takeover. 


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