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Erik Petrov1


25 January 2023

Will the Global Screenless Displays Market Grow?

Screenless display is a relatively new technology that is currently in its early stages. It is a developing display technology that eliminates the need for a screen or projector to transmit and display data for users.


Even though the technology is in its infancy, the screenless display market is likely going to expand immensely throughout this decade. This expansion is due to the technological advancements of these displays that allow companies to reduce their hardware production costs.


Screens are one of the most expensive hardware components to produce, and this latest technology will allow firms to cut the expensive costs of producing or outsourcing screens. They resolve the device miniaturisation issue and can replace costly display screens.


The introduction of technologies like digital image processing and virtual reality is primed to help this market thrive globally. Various industries like the medical, healthcare, transportation, automotive, aerospace, defence, and consumer electronics industry can greatly benefit from screenless display technologies and products.


This high demand is one of the key factors driving the growth of the global screenless displays market in coming years.


Screenless displays are designed to use interactive technologies like 3D projection. They have wide applications for head-up projections/ displays, holographic projections, and head-mounted projections.


The recent widespread rise and penetration of the latest holographic solutions is a key application for this market, that offers immense growth opportunities for key players in coming years.


The introduction and advancement of such technologies is another key driving factor for the growth of the global screenless displays market. On the other hand, lack of awareness, limited availability, and high costs are the main restraining factors for this market.


Scaling screenless display solutions and production is the best way to counter the high cost and limited availability issues. A lack of awareness can be countered with aggressive marketing by key players in the industry.


Fortunately, high demand from the mentioned industries can help provide the resources required by companies to counter market restraints. A major surge in demand also comes from the gaming industry, where screenless displays are making headway.


Not only will this demand further drive the global screenless displays market, but it will also provide highly-lucrative growth opportunities throughout this decade. There are three main types of screenless displays, Synaptic Interface, Retinal Display, and Visual Image.


The most demand and growth opportunities are in the Visual Display type due to its lower costs and high demand from gaming and various other end-use industries. On the other hand, holographic displays and head-up projections lead the market by application.


By industry vertical, the automotive and consumer electronics industries are leading the screenless displays market. This makes sense, owing to the wider applications of Visual Image type screenless displays in these industries.


In terms of market regions, North America, particularly the U.S., is the leading region for the global screenless displays market. They have an abundance of key market players who are actively developing next-generation screenless display technologies.


There is a lot of initiative in this region from both government institutions and major organisations, who are aggressively backing the technology by providing resources. Unsurprisingly, North America is the prime region for this market, offering the highest demand and biggest growth opportunities for key market players as well.


Other factors driving the growth of the global screenless displays market include the demand for low space and power requirements of systems. Every industry wants to be more efficient, which includes saving power and space without compromising the deployment of systems.


With screenless displays, industries, businesses, and end users can all save on power consumption and space requirements of regular physical display screens.


Well-known players in the screenless display industry include 3D Holographic Display, Microsoft Corp., Avegant Corp., BAE Systems Inc., Holoxica Ltd., Ceres Holographics Ltd., RealView Imaging Ltd., Leia Display System, Google Inc., MicroVision Inc., Seereal Technologies S.A., and Synaptics Inc.


Everything considered, it is highly likely that the global screenless displays market will grow immensely in the coming years, and a wide range of market reports verify it.


The Douglas Insights engine can help you compare any reports on the screenless displays market. You can compare up to three reports at a time based on various factors like the publisher’s rating, table of contents, price, and the number of pages.


There is a great utility with this comparison engine, as it allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the current and future growth of the industry. The report thoroughly details key information about the market and its performance in coming years.


Its comparative analysis is highly beneficial for your business requirements, as it helps you better analyse the current market and its trajectory.

The report provides an overview of the global market, historic data, market trends analysis, revenue forecasts, market potential, and more, based on various factors such as geography, industry, product type, and technology.


Most importantly, the report clearly highlights key driving factors, growth opportunities, market trends, retraining factors, industry shifts, and various other demographic factors that influence future demand for the global screenless displays market.


There are even comprehensive company profiles of the key players leading this market, including MicroVision Inc., BAE Systems Inc., Synaptics Inc, 3D Holographic Display Leia Display System, and Ceres Holographics Ltd.


Such an extensive and detailed report can be incredibly beneficial for your business or investments, as it allows you to make key decisions about the market and your strategic approach.


You can also gain insights into key players, their innovations, partnerships, and other market-focused information. The report offers general ideas and analysis of the current market, as well as clear and descriptive details about future trends, forecasts, and predictions.


The depth and detail of the report provide the most comprehensive outlook on the state of the global screenless displays market. This information can be crucial for your business, marketing, investing, and expansion efforts around the world.


It can help you identify the ideal solutions, thriving segments, growing regions, likely scenarios, and key market areas that offer the highest ROI.


Ultimately, the report is an investment in your business and its future in the global screenless displays market. You can learn more about the report and purchase it by clicking here.

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