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08 October 2022

Douglas Insights Adds Compostable Foodservice Packaging Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights, one of the world's first comparison tools, has updated its database to reflect the market's prospects, advancements, driving factors, projections, and constraints. Through the thorough evaluation offered by Douglas Insights, organisations, industry experts, market analysts, and researchers can obtain in-depth assessments of data, market intelligence, and research reports. For both data analysts and market researchers, the study provides a variety of private and public evaluations on the factors of publisher rating, table of contents, date of publication, and price. 


The compostable foodservice packaging market is experiencing tremendous growth worldwide as increased awareness among people about the negative impacts of plastic packaging on the environment and ecosystems. A shift from traditional toward unexplored regions in emerging markets is currently taking place in the worldwide market for consumer packaging. 


The materials used to create compostable food packaging are safe for the environment and easy to discard. Food packaging that may be decomposed is created from recyclable and plant-based components. The market for compostable foodservice packaging is expanding as a result of increased R&D efforts as well as a growing preference for environmentally friendly packaging options. 


The global market for compostable foodservice packaging is seeing increased sales due to changing consumer habits across the world, which is also having an impact on how often packed meals are consumed. The growing number of visitors makes India and China profitable marketplaces for global culinary franchises. 


Due to the European Union's increased efforts to reduce the amount of waste produced by packaged foods in the region, Europe leads the industry. The market is growing as a result of rising environmentalism and European consumers' desire for packaging made of biodegradable materials. Furthermore, it is anticipated that North America will account for the greatest share of the market during the projected timeframe. 


When disposed of under the proper environmental circumstances, compostable food packaging can be thrown away and rapidly and securely transformed back into the soil. Additionally, the worldwide Compostable Foodservice Packaging Market is among the fastest-growing industries due to factors like decreased gasoline use, composability, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and others. 


While degrading in landfills, some biodegradable plastics, however, release methane. Climate change is accelerated by methane since it is 84 times more powerful and absorbs heat more quickly than carbon dioxide. This might significantly hamper market expansion. 


Compostable food service packaging firms are finding plenty of attractive prospects as a result of public concern about environmental pollution escalating and the damaging effects of standard plastic on the planet. Compostable packaging materials also use less energy in production. Additionally, because they are created organically without the use of chemicals, they are non-toxic. In addition, based on the ingredients used to make biodegradable plastic, compostable plastic degrades more quickly and is taken up by the soil or transformed into compost. Compostable food service packaging is the most environmentally responsible way to preserve the quality of food goods and lessen the negative effects of conventional plastic. These reasons, along with growing environmental awareness and health concerns, encourage consumers to use compostable foodservice packaging materials. 


Another factor that might hinder the market growth is the necessity of discarding compostable plastic the proper way because if it lands in ocean waters, it won't be able to decompose due to cooler temperatures and pose a greater threat to marine life. 


Worldwide, the demand for food service packaging is being driven by the expansion of international quick-service restaurants (QSRs), such as McDonald's and KFC. This enables these QSR chain managers and owners to minimise labour expenses and employ available resources for improving service quality and offering better customer assistance. These QSRs typically do not represent any desire to spend on resources for cleaning and maintenance of company containers. Thus, factors including growing disposable incomes, urbanisation, and shifting eating patterns continue to boost demand for environmentally friendly compostable packaging, supporting the food service sector.

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