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03 October 2022

Douglas Insights Adds Stretcher Chairs Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights has analysed all facets of the stretcher chairs market and unveiled the changes in market trends due to technological advancements in chairs, growing healthcare infrastructures, and the rising number of accidents in certain regions. With the inclusion of stretcher chairs market research reports in its comparison engine, Douglas Insights will allow analysts, market researchers, businesses, and industry experts, to easily spot market trends, forecasts, growth drivers, key restraints, market restrictions and challenges.


As the world's first comparison engine for market research reports, Douglas Insights gives access to the widest range of private and public market reports. It is a digital tool that allows researchers to compare various reports by Price, Date of Release, Publisher Rating, and Table of Contents.


The global stretcher chairs market is projected to grow at a decent rate in the coming years, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.6% from 2021 to 2027. The main drivers for the growth of the stretcher chairs market are the global increase in the geriatric population and the rise in the number of people with disabilities. Additionally, the global expansion and penetration of the ecommerce industry, economic growth in urban regions, rising number of accidents, and technological advancements in stretcher chairs are also expected to help drive the growth of this market.


Other growth drivers include developments in the healthcare infrastructure of developing nations and the growth of the healthcare industry. While manual stretcher chairs dominate the market, advanced electronic chairs and innovative solutions in places like corridors and stairs offer excellent growth opportunities for key market players. Automation in stretcher chairs is also proving beneficial for patients and manufacturers alike due to the boost in sales of more convenient and less labour-intensive products. Market trends indicate that the wide range of products and a variety of combination of technologies is expected to increase the yield and productivity of the stretcher chair market.


In terms of regions, North America dominates the market owing to its highly developed healthcare sector, presence of key market players, continual progression in patient mobility and handling technologies, and increased awareness among consumers and healthcare organisations. On the other hand, Europe offers lucrative growth opportunities owing to its modernisation of healthcare infrastructure, rising number of healthcare centres, hospitals, and senior homes, and the higher spending power of individuals in developed and matured markets like Germany and the U.K.


According to current trends, the Asia Pacific region is also quite promising in terms of growth opportunities because of its rising geriatric population, rapid urbanisation, growing adoption of medical devices, and a growing number of accidents and subsequent disabilities. Conversely, the main restraint to the growth of the stretcher chairs market in all regions is the high cost of technological advancements in patient mobility, including stretcher chairs. While this may prevent patients from acquiring greater mobility from speciality stretcher chairs, improvements in manual stretcher chair production and pricing will help curb this restraint.


The main end users of the global stretcher chairs market include hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres, ambulatory surgical centres, and other organisations like senior homes. The major players in this market include GF Health Products Inc., Hill-Rom Holdings, Stryker Corporation, Elekta AB, Winco Mfg LLC, Medifa GmbH, AMTAI Medical Equipment Inc., Wy'East Medical Corporation, Getinge AB, IBIOM Instruments Ltée, UFSK-International Osys GmbH, Span-America Medical Systems, and NovyMed International BV.

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