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03 October 2022

Douglas Insights Includes Cement Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights is expanding its comparison engine and recently added the cement market to its list of markets. The engine's database will now include information regarding the cement market so that clients can know the latest news regarding the resource. Douglas Insights continues to be the information driver and has many reports that signify the drivers and restraints of the cement market. Douglas Insights also has the opinions of market analysts and other researchers on these reports. The database contains pieces that give clients a holistic view of the market they're looking for, including drivers, restraints and opportunities. 


Cement is one of the most essential materials in the world today. Most construction workers use adhesive to bind together construction works. Cement generally appears in a grey colour which many use to plaster walls. The cement market can predict a fair rise in the coming years. The cement market is currently facing trends such as rising demand. There is a growth in construction activity worldwide which drives the market demand. Much of the construction activity has to do with the growing population and rising trend of smaller/ nuclear families that increase the need for residential complexes, amongst others. 


The pandemic has also negatively impacted all the markets due to supply-chain disruptions. Similarly, the pandemic has also disturbed the cement market. During the pandemic, some unusual cement plants shut down worldwide, which caused many issues with construction activity. 


Cement is also something that requires a whole lot of energy. The introduction and rising trend of green cement is a much cleaner version of cement. There is increasing adoption of this green cement which is much more environmentally friendly. There is a rising trend worldwide to reduce carbon emissions due to their potential harm. Green cement uses a process that reduces carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. It is quite a sustainable solution, and we find that many people are opting for this greener cement to continue their construction projects. 


Other significant drivers involve the surge in demand from construction activities which will drive and support the market growth. An increasing population worldwide creates a greater need for residential areas such as apartment complexes and even homes. There is also a rising demand for luxurious amenities along with these residential spaces driving market demand. Increasing population also increases the need for things like airports, roads, office buildings and industries, which drives the market demand overall. 


Due to urbanization, there are also growing career opportunities and a better quality of life, which drives the market demand for amenities to go along with homes. There are also government efforts in developing countries to provide subsidized housing, driving market demand. There is also a rising demand for precast products. People often use these products for decoration purposes or to reduce the time spent on construction. The growth in the need for these products also drives the market forward. 


The major restraints in the market come from government regulations regarding carbon emissions. You would need several raw materials for cement production, such as limestone, clay and silica sand. All of these products have harmful effects on the environment. The production of cement can create a lot of issues in the environment and human health. There is also the inhalation of different dust particles, which can embed themselves in the lungs and throats of people, causing problems. Thus, the government set regulations to prevent damage to the cement market which may hamper its growth. 

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