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24 August 2022

Douglas Insights Includes Silicone Coated Textiles Report in Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights enables effective market research for its clients by including the Silicone Coated Textile Market report in its comparison engine. Industry professionals and individuals can access research reports by different publishers and compare them using the issued rating, date, price, and a list of tables. Douglas Insights' comparison engine is the first of its kind, developed to help clients boost their productivity and make informed decisions based on market evaluation results.


Silicone fabric is resilient, highly durable, and stretchable at the same time. It has a long lifespan and offers dependable, stable quality. It can be thermally welded and has excellent flexibility and tear strengths. These qualities have led to their consumption in various commercial, industrial, automobile, aircraft, and construction applications.


The expansion of manufacturing sectors, the rising need for safety gear, the stricter government laws on passenger safety in cars, and the expanding use of silicon textiles in the decor and furnishing industries are the main drivers of the global market for silicone textiles.


In terms of strength, installation, air porosity, and longevity, silicone coating offers several benefits over uncoated textiles. Therefore, the automobile industry has swiftly shifted over silicon-coated fabric to manufacture airbags. 


When deployed, airbags generate heat that may increase passengers' chance of burning. When coated with silicone, the airbag dissipates heat while remaining rip-proof during deployment. In addition to other advantages like thermal efficiency and airbag durability relative to alternatives like neoprene coating, airbags coated with silicone enable speedy deflation as the maximum inflation pressure reaches.


Additionally, silicone's exceptional compatibility with common airbag textiles like nylon enables it to build a barrier keeping the moisture away and maintaining chemical inertness. These benefits are anticipated to increase demand for silicone-coated textile vehicle airbags.


So, in the upcoming years, the silicone textiles market for the automobile airbags industry is anticipated to increase due to safety requirements, rising installation rates, and growing preference for the front, knee, and side airbags.


In 2020, Asia-Pacific had a sizable market thanks to automotive, fabrication, and manufacturing requests. Because of rising airbag and automobile production in the area, expanding manufacturing, and double-digit expansion in the healthcare and medical industries, the APAC silicone textiles market has been growing steadily. 


The COVID-19 pandemic is to blame for decelerating the economies of different regions, including India, ASEAN, and other countries. And the pandemic hampered supply chain disruptions and commercial market growth. There was a shutdown of production facilities, and a reduction in gas and oil prices, affecting the overall industrial operations. 


Additionally, the presence of inexpensive alternatives is anticipated to restrain the expansion of the silicone textiles market during the projected time frame. 


However, the silicone textiles market is also anticipated to grow during the forecast period due to silicone fabrics' expanding use in the medical and healthcare industries.


The worldwide silicone textiles market is divided into segments based on the textile material, the applications, the end user, and the region. This market is broken down by fabric base into polyester, fibreglass, polyamide, and other types.


It is classified by application into clothes for apparel, industrial fabric, protective clothing, and others. It is divided into categories for industry, consumers, automobiles, and other end uses. In terms of the region, the market leaders are spread around North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and LAMEA.


The prominent companies involved in the silicone textiles market on a global scale are  Compagnie DE Saint-Gobain S.A, Trelleborg AB, Serge Ferrari Group, 3M Company,  KAP AG, Auburn Manufacturing Inc., Nott Company, Colmant Coated Fabrics, Newtex Industries, Inc., and Chemprene Inc.

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