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Erik Petrov1


28 September 2022

Australian Fisherman Catches a Strange Looking Shark

Galeophobia describes an innate fear of sharks. The triggering cue for this fear might not be as specific rather than just the fact that you have probably watched Jaws a bit too many times. However, people also fear the unknown or the oceans themselves. These fears are quite specific and can translate into triggers, not allowing the 'fearful' of being fond of beaches in general.


However, this doesn't take away from the fact that the ocean is so vast that so much of it is still undiscovered today. Hence, such fears are justified. So if you already have such fears, then maybe what we are about to tell you is nightmare fuel. You can bid farewell to sleep for the rest of the week as a new type of shark has entered the chat.


Man Catches a Creepy Looking Shark in Australia


Recently, an Australian fisherman took to his social media to reveal what seems like an alien of the ocean. He left the audience baffled with the image of his recent catch from the ocean, which is an unsettling image of a creep-looking shark. The bulging eyes and protruding teeth give it an eerie look, almost as if a child drew a shark from their memory.


The fisherman, who goes by the name Trapman Bermagui is a Sydney-based professional. He caught and posted the image of this bizarre shark, captioning that his catch was indeed made from the unknown depths of the Australian sea bed. Naturally, the prospects of going viral favored the image as it was quickly seen doing rounds everywhere online.


What the Netizens Had To Say


The news surfaced and went viral within a day, with netizens posting their takes and assumptions about the eerie creature. While many were open to considering it an attempt at internet trolling or pranking or even as much as a fake shark – Mr. Bermagui was fast enough to shut the rumors down as he went on to explain:


"This is not a fake shark or any attempt at trolling. It is in fact a species of shark known as Endeavor Dog Sharks. They are usually found in great depths of the ocean and rough skinned texture is their most notable trait. That's why they are also known as Rough Skin Sharks."


Many people also commented on other shark species' names, but it was clear that Mr. Bermagui knew what he was talking about. People also called the animal "pre-historic looking" because of the features matching fish skeletons and fossils images commonly seen in research papers of the kind. Safe to say, many people weren't amused or intrigued but downright scared.


Many people came forward, claiming that this has validated their fear of the ocean even further. One user wrote, "the deep sea is just another planter altogether." Furthermore, many people went as far as to call the shark downright ugly and exclaim how they would not want this to be the last thing they see.


Next Step in Marine Researching


As many professionals from the specializing field and scientists have taken an interest in this discovery, a lot of them have come forward to claim what they believe is this shark. As the topic of interest continues to gain momentum, more people can come forward with specific details and facts about the shark caught.


Many have already jumped on the bandwagon sharing their knowledge and perspectives. For instance, institutes like the Smithsonian Tropical Research and California State University are saying that it is a cookie-cutter shark, an unidentified species, a species from the Greenland shark family, a deep water kite-fin shark, etc.

Stay tuned for more updates on the story.

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