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08 October 2022

Douglas Insights Adds Desktop as a Service Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights’ innovative comparison engine has added the market research report of Desktop as a Service to its resource pool. The unique comparison engine allows esteemed clients to compare numerous market research reports based on the table of contents, rating of the publisher, cost of the market research report, and length of the report. Douglas Insights’ advanced vision has made evaluating and comparing various market reports easier for market analysts and businesses who can study the market trends, growth factors, restraining factors, and market segmentation using valuable public and private reports.


Desktop as a Service (Daas), also regarded as hosted desktop service, is a cloud-based desktop service available for secure email transactions and effective application running. Using DaaS means the data security, management, backup, and other related back-end infrastructural issues are handled by third-party vendors providing the virtual desktop service. Furthermore, the third party is also responsible for managing disaster situations, ensuring cyber protection of data and providing the entire package of integrated services at a reasonable cost. DaaS is also customizable for clients.


One of the leading factors contributing to the growth of the DaaS market is the cost-effective solution options available for small businesses. The cloud-based platform allows easy access to software and material regardless of the user’s location. Moreover, cloud computing also allows the increased pace to maintain the workflow while allowing easy data management. Since numerous companies are looking for a robust IT infrastructure at affordable costs, especially to ensure centralization of work, DaaS is becoming more prevalent and in demand.


Despite the upward growth trajectory projected for DaaS during the forecast, the market could severely face restraints due to increased data security threats. The fact that the cloud-based service allows access to desktops from remote locations on several devices makes the concerns regarding data privacy a major issue that needs to be addressed.


However, the recent tech innovation and widely prevalent solutions based on cloud computing look like a promising factor that could bring more opportunities in the realm of DaaS, especially in cybersecurity matters.


Desktop as a Service market is segmented based on three distinct categories: end-user, enterprise and geography. DaaS’s rapid adoption in the banking and finance sector and widespread IT and telecom use are promising. Moreover, the digitization of healthcare can also prove to be beneficial for DaaS.


The rapid digitization of North America’s major industries and the sudden surge in demand for IT solutions across the nation have made the region a significant contributor during the forecast period in the market growth of DaaS. Major key players leading the DaaS market are also based in the North American region, promising market growth in the region. However, the Asia Pacific region is closely chasing behind as countries like China and India are showing promising growth in the IT and telecom sectors. Major tech startups and already trending IT industries gradually expanding their business in the Asia Pacific region are likely to introduce new trends in the DaaS market.


Some major players contributing to the growth of the DaaS market are Microsoft Corporation, Cisco System Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Leostream Corporation, and IBM Corporation. Numerous other companies, including NetApp Inc., Citrix Systems Inc., Oracle Corporation, Evolve IP LLC, VMware Inc., and Din Cloud LLC, are also finding their way into the market to impact the market trends effectively.

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