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24 August 2022

Douglas Insights Includes Silicone Nasal Cannula Report in Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights enables effective market research for its clients by including the Global Silicone Nasal Cannula report in its comparison engine. Industry professionals and individuals can access research reports by different publishers and compare them using the issued rating, date, price, and a list of tables. Being the first in the world, Douglas Insights’ comparison engine helps clients boost their productivity and make informed decisions based on market evaluation results.


A nasal cannula is a tube with two prongs inserted into a patient's nostrils to give more oxygen. Applications for these devices include treating conditions like pneumonia and severe chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) cases.


The market is divided into plastic and silicone categories based on material. Over the anticipated time frame, the silicone segment's expansion will be profitable. Since silicone is strong and environmentally safe, the rapid growth rate may be explained. These variables will support segment growth throughout the analysis period(2020-2026).


The market for nasal cannulas will be primarily driven by rising rates of respiratory illnesses, including COPD and asthma, throughout the predicted period. 


The prevalence of COPD will rise as the rate of smoking grows. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that 15 million individuals in the United States had COPD. This figure is anticipated to increase, resulting in increased demand for nasal cannulas.


The market is expected to expand as home-based treatment gains popularity in developed countries. 

But during the projection period, an unclear regulatory structure may limit market expansion. Additionally, the slow rate of technological adoption in underdeveloped nations may temporarily restrain the market growth.


The existing nasal cannula market is divided into three types based on the shape of the prongs: curved, flared, and curved flared and straight.


Future market share projections indicate that the segment of prong cannulas with curved and flared ends will dominate. This kind of cannula, which is among the most popular, combines the advantages of flared and curved prong cannulas. Throughout the projection period, these variables will increase sector expansion.


Based on material, the market is divided into plastic and silicone, and considering the increasing awareness of eco-friendly products, the demand for silicone nasal cannulas is expected to grow dramatically. 


Nasal cannulas are utilized in long-term care facilities, outpatient care, and home healthcare settings. For the projected period, the sector for home care settings will thrive. The expansion can be linked to patients' rising demand for at-home treatment. Additionally, the market development will be boosted by a rise in patient satisfaction brought on by simple access to treatment.


Over the projection period, North America will have a sizable market share in nasal cannula revenue. The market will expand due to the rising prevalence of respiratory disorders and the rising number of surgical procedures. Additionally, the low price of nasal cannulas and rising public awareness of the advantages of oxygen treatment will fuel market growth throughout the projection period.


Numerous well-known companies compete for a significant portion of the nasal cannula market share, including Flexicare Medical, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare Ltd., Medin Medical Innovations, Medtronic PLC, Salter Labs, and Sorin Group, Smiths Medical, Terumo Corporation, Vapotherm and Teleflex. These businesses use various techniques, including introducing new products, mergers and acquisitions, and regional growth, to increase their market share. 


As a result of advancements made in nasal cannulas, which give patients greater comfort and flexibility, the manufacture of medical devices by various key market participants has further accelerated acceptance. The expansion of application in low-level healthcare facilities or at home is made possible by recent advancements in the high-flow nasal cannula, which will drive market growth.


The preliminary treatment plan for COVID-19 patients is to give palliative therapy such as supplemental oxygen. Hypoxemic individuals require a high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) to increase oxygenation. Therefore, the COVID-19 pandemic has a noticeable impact on nasal cannula demand. Due to the industry's strong demand, there were several profitable chances for market participants throughout the outbreak.

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