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08 October 2022

Douglas Insights Adds Pharmacy Automation Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

Adding Pharmacy Automation Market research reports by Douglas Insights to its analysis platform enables analysts, market researchers, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs to evaluate market trends, growth drivers, constraints, challenges, and projections of today’s trending markets. Douglas Insights is the world’s first comparison engine with market research reports. Researchers may compare different reports by Table of Contents, Publisher Rating, Date of Publication, and Price using the digital tool, which has access to the broadest selection of public and private market reports.


The rising need for equipment that lowers pharmaceutical errors is fueling the expansion of the worldwide pharmacy automation market. Additionally, the worldwide pharmacy automation market is expanding due to the ageing population, increased use of automated equipment, and emerging technology. Throughout the projected period, growing healthcare costs will also fuel the expansion and growth of the global pharmacy automation market.


The market has benefited from the COVID-19 outbreak. It is related to the increased prevalence of patient-to-healthcare worker transmission of infections and the global increase in demand for medicines. Consequently, medical facilities and pharmacies consider these solutions crucial to stopping the virus’s spread.


Additionally, there has been a rise in prescription medicine demand, which has allowed pharmacy automation technologies to be used to bring the infection rate down. Also, the goal of reducing pharmaceutical mishaps and the decentralisation of pharmacies are other factors propelling the pharmacy automation market.


The number of older people has increased on a global scale. As a result, the prevalence of chronic and fatal illnesses increases, and the amount of medication prescribed rises. The adoption of this innovative technology is rising to cut operational expenses while enhancing the safety of patients.


Furthermore, healthcare professionals, pharmacies, and patients all benefit massively from these pharmacy automation systems.


Aside from their enormous cost-effectiveness and safety advantages, automated solutions can streamline pharmacy processes by enhancing data processing. Such technological advancements have helped pharmacies stay competitive in a continually changing sector and have also benefited patients and physicians in numerous ways. 

Additionally, by lowering the price of physical labour, these methods have further decreased the costs. All of these elements have contributed to the market’s overall expansion.


However, there is a minor inconsistency in the introduction of automation in pharmacies in undeveloped and emerging countries, which is projected to limit the market’s expansion throughout the forecast period.


The expansion of the worldwide pharmacy automation market is anticipated to fuel a rise in acquisitions and mergers with an uptick in the level of collaborations between businesses to expand their production quality. The primary industry participants, especially in developing countries, concentrate on continual product development and offering goods at affordable prices.


Pharmacy automation includes integrated or fragmented automated dispensing, packaging, labelling, and other advancements that decrease dispensing mistakes while increasing the productivity of medical staff and pharmacists. The market is divided into segments based on end-user (hospital and retail pharmacies), products (automated dispensers, automated labelling and packaging systems, automated storage and retrieval systems), and geography (Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Middle-East).


The need for pharmaceuticals increased as the infection rate rose during the pandemic. As a result, medical facilities and pharmacies preferred such automated systems, increasing their popularity.


Automated dispensing systems also strike a balance between safety, usability, stock management, and drug monitoring. These devices decrease the time nurses must spend performing manual counts in the patient care unit. The need for automated technologies that support inventory and stock management is also rising. 


To conclude, the industry is anticipated to rise during the projection period owing to an increase in dispensing errors, particularly in retail, and the rising usage of AI in developed countries.

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