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Erik Petrov1


09 September 2022

Douglas Insights Adds Point-of-Sales Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights wanted to expand its comparison engine with market reports that identify all the players in a market space. They also contain notes from researchers and analysts regarding trends observed in the industry. It allows a comprehensive range of information ranging from matters of limitations and obstacles to growth drivers and opportunities. It is a comparison engine that allows you to search for all types of market reports so you can have a general idea on all kinds of markets. 


The Covid-19 pandemic meant that businesses managed their manufacturing, corporates met their objectives, and even how small business people conducted their businesses changed entirely. A clear trend was observed. It has been challenging for all industries, and many companies suffered from the pandemic. 


Although there were some exceptions like hospitals, online businesses, and work from home, The main reason was the lockdown; a threat to all the small-scale or large-scale industries. In many counties, governments had imposed a lockdown. Also, the international norms meant that the businesses would no longer prosper. Product adoption has increased because of the necessity of cashless payments. Customer management and inventory tracking are other advantages of digitization.


The product is used to keep track of the company's activities. Digitization across the globe would further boost the use of the product in the future. Also, the growing use of smartphones in almost every country has bolstered the need for the product. The Point of Sale (POS) terminal market size has increased during the covid-19 pandemic. The main reason is that the covid19 virus is contagious and because the point-of-sale terminal restricts physical involvement, for example, master cards. Although there are numerous advantages, there are some drawbacks too. For example, privacy issues, the risk that data would leak, and the information on cards created trust issues. The lack of awareness amongst the target audience has also been a problem.


Because of covid-19, some manufacturers have even restrained their investments on such a large scale. Every POS system needs to connect with an external network which depends on the retailers. Small businesses connect their POS systems via cellular network connections, and large enterprises connect their POS systems with an internal network, resulting in data loss. One of the most obvious limitations is the cost. POS systems are costly to install, and so this is the reason why many people in business do not prefer POS systems.


Also, you need to ensure that the POS system is suitable for you, not overlooking factors such as data storage. Some features of the POS systems help to enhance productivity as well. There is almost no interaction with the technician in the installation process, which ultimately contributes to the cost. POS systems are easy to use, so there are no hassles in setting up POS systems, making it convenient for small merchants and thus driving the market. POS systems also have plug-and-play capabilities. Because there is an increase in customer frequency, businesses are growing too. So companies need technology to run smoothly and efficiently. 


Because of the growth of technology in recent years, there are advancements, for example, the MPOS and the POS systems. The checkout process is not easily automated. The POS systems help increase efficiency helping in the smooth running of the company. It contributes to almost 24% savings and promises a good yield and a high return on investments. It also helps merchants a lot during checkouts sales, forwarding the orders and payment security, making it very useful.

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