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08 October 2022

Douglas Insights Has Added Fibre Optic Instrumentation Market Research Reports to its Comparison Engine

The fibre optics market is massively growing worldwide. It is considered the backbone of the 5G communication infrastructure. Fibre optics is the latest technology for information transmission as light pulses via fibre strands made of plastic or glass over long distances. The optical fibres are bundled seamlessly into a high-strength fibre optic cable to transmit data faster than any other medium. Hence, the market for fibre optic instrumentation is experiencing an upward trajectory owing to the growing demand for higher bandwidths and speed. Therefore, to help researchers, analysts, investors, and organizations make lucrative and quality decisions confidently, Douglas Insights has now included fibre optics instrumentation market research reports in their comparison engine.


The Douglas Insights is the first ever and one of its kind comparison engine in the world. It empowers users to compare and evaluate industry research reports to gain valuable insights. Likewise, industry players and professionals can now use this comparison engine to evaluate research reports of the fibre optic instrumentation market by price, publisher rating, number of pages, and table of contents for quality data extraction and insights in the fastest time. Using the data generated, key players can invest wisely and create the best market penetration, expansion, and growth strategies. The Douglas Insights Comparison engine gives users the power to identify opportunities and eliminate guesswork.


The key industry players in the fibre optics instrumentation market are Anritsu Corporation, TE Connectivity Ltd, Yokogawa Electric Corp, Fujikura Co. Ltd, and Fortive Corporation. These companies are aggressively investing in the fibre optic instrumentation industry because of its high growth potential. Studies show that the fibre optics market globally is expected to exhibit a compound annual growth rate of 10.3 per cent from 2019 to 2027. Hence, industry players are actively engaged in rigorous research and development activities to develop and manufacture more commercially viable fibre optic instruments and equipment to meet customers’ changing and growing demands while lowering operational costs and providing the best results.


The increasing demand for scalable, reliable, and high-speed communication infrastructure is among the top market drivers. And currently, fibre optics is the only technology available to address this need successfully. Fibre optics is ten times faster than regular/standard cables. Furthermore, it carries more data compared to copper cables. Moreover, fibre optics provide unparalleled performance, ensuring high bandwidth connectivity for emerging technologies like 5G and the internet of things (IoT). Though 5G offers wireless connection, fibre optics provide the connectivity needed to handle the vast backhaul traffic 5G generates. 


Besides this, fibre optic preference in innovative city projects is also expected to fuel market growth. Fibre optics can deliver a massive amount of data quickly. Hence, it can play a pivotal role in innovative city projects like a traffic management system for accident prevention, autonomous drones for survey lands, and surveillance systems for crime prevention.


Furthermore, fibre connectivity is also a growing need for businesses in the fast-paced corporate world. Incorporating fibre optics in corporate settings will make it easier for companies to unlock the power of cloud technology and CRM tools with no delays. Moreover, compared to copper wires, fibre optic cables are not affected by harsh weather conditions, thereby eliminating unplanned downtime and ensuring seamless business productivity and performance throughout the years- much needed to reduce cost and increase profits.


The cutting-edge technological advancements are now allowing manufacturers and organizations to create and develop fibre optic instrumentation aligned with customers’ needs across industries, including healthcare, telecom, corporate, and others.

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