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Erik Petrov1


09 November 2022

Where is the Global Cancer Stem Cells Market Headed?

Medical technologies are expanding, and as research grows in the field of medicine, finding cures for different life threatening diseases becomes important. Cancer being one of the most commonly known fatal diseases and also the second leading cause of death around the world, it is understandable that the global cancer stem cells market is also growing. 


Cancer Stem Cells Market


Cancer stem cells are crucial to medicine due to their ability to multiply greatly and differentiate into several different lineages. A large number of tissues include these tissues and as cancer treatments destroy the stem cells, therapies for cancer therefore greatly benefit from cancer stem cells. 


Currently, the major factors driving the global cancer stem cells market is the increase in research and development that results in new medications used for cancer treatment. The need for a safe treatment that allows patients to recover from cancer in a way that also reduces the risk of relapse or metastasis is also increasing because of the growing risk of cancer and the occurrence of the disease around the world. 


As new technology and research becomes necessary, the global cancer stem cell market also starts growing, and is projected to do so during the forecasted period between 2022 to 2031. The current compound annual growth for this period is 10%.


There are a number of high risk clinical procedures involved in the transplantation of stem cells, which causes the death of blood-forming and leukocyte cells within the area, and patients therefore require stem cells. This is a very costly process, due to its high risk and sensitivity, and therefore, some socioeconomic classes may not have enough awareness about the process, which can result in the growth of the market being hampered slightly. 


The global cancer stem cells market is expanding due to cancer being one of the leading causes of death around the world, and medication and transplantation being almost a necessity for saving lives of patients. Growing investment from the governments, biomedical organizations and clinical R&D activities being conducted around the world means that the market itself is on a constant upward trend, particularly as new cancer therapies are being developed using cancer stem cells. 


The main segmentation in the market at the moment is based on the type of cancer, the application and the region. For cancer type segmentation, there are sub segments for different organs and tissues, such as breast, blood, lung, brain, liver, etc. In 2021, breast cancer was the main contributor towards the growth of the global cancer stem cell market due to how commonly women are affected by the disease. 


Bladder cancer was the sub segment that was the fastest growing contributor towards the growth of the market. Bladder cancer is a result of inhaling carcinogens like diesel exhaust, cigarette smoke, etc. and as the environment becomes polluted with more of these carcinogens, the growth of the global cancer stem cell market is expected to be fueled.


Application considers the targeted cancerous stem cells, as well as the stem-based cancer therapies. Stem-cell based cancer therapy is showing promise when it comes to medical research which results in more research and thus contributes towards the growth of the market. 


As of yet, North America has dominated the global cancer stem cell market, and is expected to be the fastest growing sub-segment under the larger region segment. This may be because of the existence of well-established healthcare and research facilities. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a positive impact on the growth of the cancer stem cell market, with some significant advancements including genetic engineering and organoid technology. 


For more information on the global cancer stem cell market, the Douglas Insights report provides thorough insight and in-depth analysis. It goes into detail on the types of cancer and the geographic markets that are active in the industry and how they affect the growth of the industry itself. 


The report mentions the key inhibitors that can affect the growth of cancer stem cells. It also discusses the supply chain of the industry itself, from the manufacturers of the stem cells to the researchers who use them in their trials. 


The report also contains information on the major organizations involved in the global cancer stem cells market. Because research in the field of medicine and drugs will often include patents, these are also discussed in detail, as well as an extensive analysis of the trends in cancer treatment technologies over the past few years, and across different regions, such as the USA, Europe and China. 


While there are three segments of the cancer stem cell market, the two main ones - that is, type and geography - are the ones being focused on in this report. It provides an estimation of the market size, and analysis of the global market trends from the years 2019 and 2020, as well as projected compound annual growth rate all the way up till 2026. 


The report also discusses the future of stem cells being used for the treatment of COVID-19 and whether or not these will be used to develop mainstream medicines for the virus. It also looks at the regulatory structure around stem cell use, the prices, and products (both, marketed and pipeline). 


The Douglas Insights report also takes a look at the market drivers and restraints that affect the global market and evaluates the current size and forecast with these factors in mind. It also provides thorough and comprehensive profiles of the major players in the industry, such as AdnaGen AG, BioNTech, Silicon Biosystems, etc. 


As the risk of cancer, the types of cancer, and the occurrence of the disease itself grows at a rapid rate, so does the need for efficient and safe treatments for cancers. As such, the Douglas Insights report on the global cancer stem cell market is a necessity for any organization in the industry to make good business decisions, improve performance, and ultimately save lives.


For more details and insights, the report can be accessed here.

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