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Erik Petrov


26 September 2022

Medical Animation : Market Research Report with Comparison – Douglas Insights

Douglas Insights' competitive and comprehensive comparison engine has expanded and upgraded to include the projection, restraints, barriers, growth drivers, and market trends of the Medical Animation Market and can be utilised by organisations, industry professionals, analysts, and market researchers. One of the first comparison engines in the world, Douglas Insights provides thorough, in-depth insights, data analytics, and market research reports. Through this digital platform, analysts and market researchers can have access to a complete selection of both public and private market reports and can allow a comparative analysis by publisher rating, table of contents, date of publication, and price. 


Medical animation is a technology that is used to describe the movements or motion of action of a biological process, medicine, biomedical technology, or medical device through 3D visual effects via a film or video. Animations are utilised in the pharmaceutical and medical industries for a variety of objectives, including education, presentations, surgery simulation, research, and comparative therapy evaluations. 


The market is divided into cancer, cardiology, cosmeceuticals/plastic surgery, dental, and other therapeutic sectors based on their respective therapeutic specialities (gynaecology, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopaedic, digestive system, and ENT). It is anticipated that the other treatment areas part of the market would hold the biggest market share. This is related to rising academic institute adoption of teaching students about pre- and post-orthopaedic surgeries and physiotherapy, as well as rising knowledge among healthcare experts of various ailments, injuries, and deformities. But throughout the course of the projected time frame, the cosmeceuticals/plastic surgery segment is anticipated to develop at the greatest rate. 


There are several factors contributing to the growth of the medical animations market, including the global rise in the number of surgeries, growing elderly population, expansion of medical device industries along with biopharmaceutical/pharmaceutical industries, rise in start-ups, and the increasing adoption of mobile phones, tablets, as well as mobile services. 


The market for medical animation has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The medical animation industry has been expanding steadily over the last few years as a result of newly discovered diseases or the emergence of various conditions like COVID-19. Pharmaceutical businesses and pharmaceutical corporations frequently utilise medical animation with healthcare professionals to explain medical procedures or other research goals to those with advanced comprehension skills. 


Since 3D animation provides viewers with a greater sense of perspective and enables them to clearly comprehend the crucial components in forensic analysis, this sector is predicted to hold the greatest proportion of the market. Also predicted to offer prospective chances for the expansion of the medical animation market in the future are the loss in health education, increased use of the internet, tablets and smartphones, in addition to high government funding, clinical studies and unexplored possibilities in the emerging economies. 


In contrast, it is anticipated that the lack of trained medical animators, as well as the rising cost of medical animation services, will further restrain market expansion in the anticipated time frame. In the coming years, the market for medical animation may face further challenges due to the lack of knowledge in poor and undeveloped economies. 


The market for medical animation is dominated by North America because of an increase in research and development. The presence of significant pharmaceutical businesses will also contribute to the market growth for medical animation in the area expanding throughout the forecast period. 


The market for medical animation is expected to increase significantly in Asia-Pacific as a result of the increase in government spending on the healthcare industry. Additionally, it is projected that the region's medical animation industry will expand in the near future due to the rising desire to use medical animation for educating patients.

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