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06 May 2022

Five Biggest Scented-Candle Manufacturers Worldwide

Scented candles are soothing, rejuvenating, and relaxing creations commonly used for their pleasant and aromatic after-scent. They make the interiors smell lovely and can help relax minds. Recent years had experienced a drastic increase, even during the pandemic, when global production, economic activities, and spending dropped due to uncertain disposable incomes.


There are several reasons for the global industry’s constant rise in fame. High interests in aromatherapy (because people had more idle time due to lockdowns), increased demand for eco-friendly scented candles, and their use in eateries for their comforting and pleasant scents are a few notable drivers.


Although there have been numerous entries in the scented-candle market, a few players continue leading and thriving in the revenue and market share departments. Five of them are mentioned below:


Amy’s Country Candles


Founded in 1999 as a home-based startup by Amy Lassere, the company was quick to flourish and expand into a well-reputable one that makes millions of US dollar-worth of sales yearly. Amy’s Country Candles is based in Louisiana and has over eighty employees for its production and supply.


The business produces hand-poured scented candles, packaging them in canisters, glassware, and mason jars. It also manufactures car fresheners, fragrance oil, and hand sanitizers.


Yankee Candle


The company specializes in designing, producing, and offering wholesale and retail distribution of scented candles. It manufactures various scents and flavors, packing the candles in tapers, jars, pillars, and related accessories. In addition, it also produces candleholders and dinnerware, selling products through online sales channels and catalogs in almost 50 countries worldwide.


Established in 1969, Yankee Candle is based in South Deerfield, United States, and recorded annual sales of over one hundred and twelve thousand USD in 2020. A subsidiary of the Newell Brand, the company’s products are available in more than two hundred and fifty locations as of January 2022.


Bougies la Francaise


The France-based company is a leading scented-candle manufacturing business located near Nantes. It’s a part of the DEVINEAU Group (established in 1803) and is a symbol of reputation and French excellence in the ancestral candle-making industry.


The business has over four hundred employees as of 2022, with annual sales exceeding several million USD. In addition, the family business specializes in producing bespoke candles, taking minimum orders of five hundred units.




Calwax is one of the best scented-candle manufacturers in California and housing over thirty-seven employees. Generating revenues of numerous million USD, the business offers custom manufacturing, custom bonding, private labeling, and laboratory research to its consumers.


One of the notable features of Calwax is its extensive range of candle wax, made and scented with soothing and appealing fragrances. Some of its highlights include soy blend, coconut-apricot blend, and coconut blend, with the highest demands across the international market.


SC Johnson & Son


Headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin, United States, the American-based multinational specializes in producing consumer chemicals, household cleaning, and scent products. It owns several brands, including Kiwi, Baygon, Autan, Glade, Drano, and Windex.


The privately-owned business was established in 1886 by Samuel Curtis Johnson Sr. and had production and distribution plants worldwide. As of 2013, it was stated to have generated more than eleven billion USD, and according to 2019 stats, it has thirteen thousand employees in its international operations.

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