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24 August 2022

Douglas Insights Extends Its Comparison Engine With Multihead Weighers Market Research Report

Douglas Insights expands its comparison engine by adding Multihead Weighers Market research reports and allowing its clients of different backgrounds to review market share, size, production complications, supply strategies, key drivers and restraints, and compare them based on publisher rating, date, price, and list of tables. Douglas Insights data portals enable industry experts, professionals, and influencers to compare research reports from different publishers on the same screen. 


The global multihead weighers market will grow at a 3.7% CAGR rate between 2021 and 2031. The COVID-19 lockdown slowed down the multihead weighers market as manufacturers needed manpower to run manufacturing plants and supply chains. The market struggled to meet the demands of pharmaceutical, beverage, and food companies who were allowed to continue production under strict regulations. Although the panic buying spurred by a global lockdown increased the demand for food and beverages, it still did nothing for the packaging industry. However, there was a positive trend for packaging solutions in pharmaceutical companies as researchers worked to provide a quick solution to many viral variants.


North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific make the bulk of the multihead weighers market shares and revenues. The US alone accounted for 86% of the global sales of multihead weighers in 2021 because of its increased application in the food and beverage industry. In 2016, around 36% of the US packaging industry was concentrated in the food industry. As the demand for diverse packaging styles increases, the multihead weighers market grows exponentially. Additionally, in the packaging flux, small and medium size companies depend on single sourcing, adding to the rise in demand. The packaging industry is also directly tied to e-commerce—a booming sector on its own with favourable trends for the multihead weighers market.


Europe's regional multihead weighers market, specifically Germany, is expected to grow at 2.5% CAGR from 2021 to 2030. Germany owns 30% of regional market venues because of its growing machinery and equipment industry and is a preferred location for most global projects. As per the buying trends of the manufacturers in Western Europe, Germany is expected to retain its position as the key player in the industry. The multhead weighers market of Germany also benefits from the growing demand for energy-conserving technologies and automatic packaging methods. The country is also accepting substantial foreign investments, and its key vendors are looking to expand to various industries and regions by streamlining production lines through simple integration. 


While Japan leads the regional multihead weighers market of Asia Pacific, India is expected to grow considerably in the forecast period. The Indian government has made it necessary to mention the precise quantity of food products in a package, contributing to the growing demand for multihead weighers in the country. Food & beverage companies that don't abide by this law are subject to lawful fines and punishment. Furthermore, the Indian audience is also turning to easy-to-eat food as urbanization in the country multiplies. More and more industry experts and market players are setting up their food plants in India because of their large audience and readiness to accept new packaging solutions in the food industry. 


Some of the major stakeholders in the multihead weighers market are America's nVenia LLC.; Europe's YAMATO-Scale GmbH Germany, multiweigh GmbH, MULTIPOND Wägetechnik GmbH, Dm Packaging Group Srl, Scanvaegt Systems A/S, Grupo Exaktapack S.L., Comek S.r.l., IMA-Ilapak., PFM S.P.A., LAURIJSEN WEEGAUTOMATEN RADPAK, and Marel, and Asia Pacific's SHIDA Co., Ltd., and RMGroup, among others. 


The high installation and maintenance cost and complicated safety restrictions will hinder the growth of the multihead weighers market. 

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