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09 September 2022

Douglas Insights Adds Plus-sized Women's Clothing Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights has expanded its comparison engine with Plus-Sized Women's Clothing Market research reports, allowing companies to get their hands on all kinds of information regarding the markets that they exist within. There is special data available in these reports that helps many understand the kind of market share they would have upon entry. It also helps them identify the players in the market and know more about the growth drivers and opportunities that would allow for market growth. 


The plus-sized women's clothing market involves a greater inclusion of those women. There is a rise in weight and obesity amongst the population. Thus, the sales of plus-size women are at an all-time high. Plus-size clothing can be something that is recommended for all types of body types. There is growing research and inclusion of the different kinds of bodies present in the current circumstances in the world. 


The COVID-19 pandemic had quite a negative impact on the market. Much of this happened due to a lack of labor to make plus-sizeplus-sized clothing. There were many manufacturing concerns surrounding the process due to the pandemic. Some of these concerns included fabric shortages and order cancellations. The COVID-19 pandemic also caused a case of lower exports and more lavish consumer spending on items that weren’t all that essential. 


Many manufacturing places are located in South Asia or the Asia-Pacific regions, and COVID-19 stopped the supply chains that allowed companies to send finished products to different manufacturing facilities. Thus, this resulted in a decline in the demand for clothing for plus-size women. 


The sales for this clothing segment are also thought to increase at the quickest rate as many people are constantly looking for more exclusive clothing. Many distributors are now stocking different kinds of plus-sized clothing, making these clothes more accessible and affordable to the public. 


Big chains like Walmart are also hopping on the trend of plus-size clothing, which tends to drive market demand which drives the market demand as other competitors will also follow. The move by corporations is essential and necessary in driving the market demand for plus-sizeplus-sized clothing for womenin women.


There is also an uptick in body positivity and confidence amongst plus-size women due to the increasing trends on social media. The prevalence of plus-sized models due to fashion marketing that is increasingly inclusive also adds to the rise of plus-size women's clothing. The acceptance adds to rest in women that allows plus-size women to be confident with what they have, insteadbe instead of constantly chasing some unachievable narratives. Big fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire feature more plus-sized women. Additionally, plus-sized models are also becoming a trend that is more vocal about the inconsistencies in the fashion industry. People are becoming more aware of how psychology helps their body images, making them more accepting of their bodies. 


People are also creating a much more favorable opinion of all sorts of people that they weren't before. Increased awareness of the struggles of losing weight and different body types all over social media drives market demand. 


The significant restraints are that plus-sized clothing generally requires a lot of investment. Manufacturers will likely have to pay more than they want with production as more oversized apparel has lower profit margins. This may mean designers don’t want to produce plus-sized clothing if they feel there's not enough market for it. Thus, a lack of research into customer preferences could cause manufacturers to lose out on more profit. It could also cause the global market growth to get hampered. 

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